Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great Personality: The Idealists Game is coming soon!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the second Great Personality Video Game coming the end January! Great Personality is a interactive dating game and visual novel based on the Myers- Briggs personality types. In this choose-your-own adventure style game, you will meet, befriend and fall in love with many characters, all while discovering the science behind ambiance, mood and attraction. It is a journey of romance, creativity, and surprise!

Great Personality Sneak Peek Character by Richie Pope

If you fell in love with the characters from the first Great Personality Game, the Guardians, you will certainly enjoy meeting all of the Idealists! They are fun-loving, optimistic, and complex individuals with deep emotional understanding and sense of self purpose. Discover the motives and passions of the idealists characters, all while finding your own hopes, desires, and connections in the process!

Great Personality Sneak Peek Character by Claire Hummel

Get to know these fascinating characters while immersed in artist-made world! All of the backgrounds, characters, and animations are part of a massive collaboration by 50+ animators, illustrators, and artists from around the globe. These individual assets and brought to life through the research, additional artwork, storyline, and coding of the Lindsay Nohl and the Light Grey Team.

**You can play the first Great Personality: The Guardians Game here! You can also support the project and find more information about the artists who made this possible on the Light Grey website here!

Monday, December 15, 2014


You've survived wave after wave of enemy forces... You have just enough energy and precious few supplies to last through the final stages. The music quickens and you have a sinking suspicion that the checkpoint you just past was the last one for a very long time. Can you survive the final boss rush?

Battles with the bad guys
Opens Friday March 20, 2015
7 - 10pm

at Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406

We are looking for artists interested in preserving their favorite climactic videogame moment in our newest exhibition BOSS RUSH!.
Think of all of those console games -- from NES to Atari Jaguar to PS4. PC games, arcade classics, MMOs, ... any and every kind of game you've played, and any and every kind of boss you've encountered...

While we may not always admit it, everyone loves the bad guy. Years after the closing credits roll on our favorite videogames, memories of classic boss encounters like Psycho Mantis, Kefka, Ganon, and Pyramid Head live on in infamy. Light Grey Art Lab’s newest exhibition, BOSS RUSH!, celebrates our love/hate relationship with the bad guys.

A Boss Rush is the nail-biting series of battles against the game’s previously defeated bosses before facing the grand finale. It’s the penultimate test of skill and reflexes, and a reminder of all the obstacles you’ve overcome. In BOSS RUSH!, dozens of artists will be creating work to celebrate the most vile, treacherous, or misunderstood enemies in history’s most memorable videogame battles.

The opening reception will be March 20, 2015 at Light Grey Art Lab!


If you are interested in creating a piece for our upcoming March exhibition, put your name, email and links below in the comments section by January 5th! Participating artists will be notified by email of all of the details of the show within a couple days of the call for art closing! As always, participating artists will have their work displayed all along the walls at Light Grey Art Lab for the month of the show as well as permanently archived on our online gallery!

Lindsay Nohl

The show won't end there!
We've been invited to take this show on the road! (Well, just a stone's throw down the road!)

GLITCHCON has invited us to showcase the best of the best pieces during a special, limited time exhibition at GLITCHCON on Saturday March 28th!

Guest jurors (TBA!) will be taking a sneak peek after all art is submitted and awarding 10 pieces a special honor prior, which will be awarded at GLITCHCON.

Artists selected will be mailed their Best of Show awards preceding the closing of the exhibition and their work will be featured front and center on the Light Grey Art Lab BOSS RUSH! web page. Those 10 pieces will be framed and on display during GLITCHCON 2015 alongside a slideshow of the other wonderful pieces in the exhibition!

Artists will be notified in advance of any awards in the event that you'd like to join us for the exhibition opening and awards ceremony!


We're looking forward to this show like crazy!
Submit your links below by January 5th and help us spread the word!
Thanks, guys!

Questions? Send us a note!

Podcast: Twelve Days of Boardgames

12.15.14_Twelve Days of Boardgames
Download the MP3, stream directly on Stitcher, or subscribe via iTunes!

Twelve Days of Boardgames
Length: 00:53:59
Synopsis: The holidays are upon us and it's time for festive parties, family excursions, group activities, and plenty of cutthroat competition! What better way to liven up your next holiday jubilee than to pull out a rousing boardgame for all to enjoy! On this week's podcast, Lindsay, Chris and Jenny share a slew of our favorite board/card/tabletop games for every situation imaginable. If you're looking for your next party hit, a game that's good for the whole family, or something to play with your significant other on a chilly night, we've got you covered with plenty of recommendations that are sure to please!

Show Notes:
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Basic Rules PDF
Game Night - Stay Frosty
Light Grey Art Lab Cookie Party

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Craft Fair & Bake Sale this weekend!

If you are looking for some amazing, handcrafted and local gifts, stop by the Minnehaha Free Space this Saturday from 1-5pm for the Craft Fair & Bake Sale! Among tons of other great makers, Light Grey Art Lab will have a booth full of art prints, books, decks, and collaborative projects! We will have featured works and zines from past exhibitions and tons of one-of-a-kind pieces. We would love to see you there!

If you are a local artist who would like to be a part of the craft fair, they are still accepting applications. You can find more information about how to get involved, sign up for a booth, or attend the event on the facebook event page.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Podcast: The Good, The Bad, And The Awkward

12.08.14_The Good The Bad And The Awkward
Download the MP3, stream directly on Stitcher, or subscribe via iTunes!

The Good, The Bad, And The Awkward
Length: 01:29:16
Synopsis: On this week's podcast, Jenny, Francesca, Lindsay and Chris talk about the good, the bad, and the awkward. We cover a range of topic, such as the sacrifices it takes to do what you love, forcing yourself to network and meet new people even if it goes against your hermit-like tendencies, the joys of a shared distraction, and much more.

Show Notes:
Game Night - Stay Frosty
Make My Holiday Art Swap Pairs Announced
Light Grey Art Lab Cookie Party

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Make My Holiday pairs announced!

Thanks to everyone that signed up for our Make My Holiday art swap!
Tis the season to be thinking of others -- and we're happy to facilitate our third annual art swap with you guys!
If you signed up -- Go check your email for a note from me with a list of partners for this year's art-gift exchange!

And here we go!!

Here's a quick reminder on what's next!
Now that you've got the name (and email) of your partner, send a quick email to say hello within the next week,
introduce yourself, and maybe even ask a couple questions so you can get to know them! One thing we love about Make My Holiday art swap is that you might just meet someone from a different background, a different kind of art, and our world becomes a little smaller and more connected! We hope you guys have a blast sending fun things to each other!! Think of it as a way to swap, sure, but also a way to get to know another really awesome person a little better!

One quick note! Keep an eye out and peek in your spam filter every now and again in case someone is trying to contact you! Since we have people joining us from lots of different places around the world, it'll be especially important to get their info as soon as you can so you'll be able to send out your present by DECEMBER 24th!

Once you receive a gift from your partner we'd love to see what you got! We'll be featuring gifts on the blog from all recipients that care to send them on in! Just send us an email at with a photo of you with your gift and the name of the awesome artist that sent you a package and we'll give them a shout out!

Thanks again and take a peek and check your in-boxes for a note from us!
Happy swapping!

<3 -- Lindsay

Friday, December 5, 2014

Light Grey Game Night: Stay Frosty

Light Grey Game Night - Stay Frosty
Your eyelids are frozen shut, your feet have lost all feeling, and your fingers are turning black from frostbite. That must mean it's time for another Light Grey Game Night! That's right, mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 17th from 6:30 to 9:30 PM!

As you might remember, we're attaching a theme to each night to help people narrow down what games they might want to bring (although you're still welcome to bring whatever you'd like!). This week's theme is Stay Frosty!

We'll be playing games that take place in the frigid frozen tundra. We'll be rolling to avoid frostbite (and zombie bites) in Dead of Winter, and hoarding supplies to survive in Arctic Scavengers. Or maybe you'd like to crush those annoying Tundra Orcs in Summoner Wars, make a frigid team with Iceman and Emma Frost in Marvel Dice Masters, or break layer after layer of 'Ice' in Android: Netrunner, among plenty of others! If you have a favorite boardgame, bring it!

So grab your friends, family or favorite stack of board games, and come play with us! RSVP via our Facebook event, and feel free to share! The more the merrier!