Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Guts Artists Announced!


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our GUTS participating artists!
Part exploration, part education, part evisceration -- we want to know what's really underneath the surface. So dust off your field guides, scalpels, and stay-at-home taxidermist's manuals, and join us for an exhibition that peels back the skin of all of the subjects you've ever wanted to know more about.

Opening April 17th
On display through May 15th

7 - 10 pm @ Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA • 1.612.239.2047

Alex Konstad
Angela Rizza
Anine Bösenberg
Ann Macarayan
Beth Zaiken
Blok Magnaye
Brandon Robertson
Bridget Underwood
Cai Vail
Caitlin McCormack
Cathryn Virginia
Chris Kindred
Claire Hummel
Cornelia Li
Dan Des Eynon
Daniel Shaffer
Delia Evin
Emory Allen
Erika Rier
Frances Alvarez
Francesca Buchko
J Zachary Keenan
Jessica Cheng
Jessica Roux
JL Anderson
Julia Rothman
Kate O'Hara
Kelley McNorris
Kelsey Wroten
Kim Peterson
Kirsty Hambrick
Kristina Drake
Kyle Harabedian
Lana Crooks
Lindsay Ann Watson
Lisa Manuzak
Lisa Perrin
Lucas Durham
Maggy Ivy
Marianne Vincent
Marisa Seguin
Meredith Miotke
Miranda Meeks
Molly Mendoza
Nicole Xu
Philippe Poirier
Phoenix Chan
Pierre Kleinhouse
Rachel Frankel
Rachel Kahn
Rachel Maves
Rebecca Olene
Robyn Mitchell
Rovina Cai
Scott Bakal
Sophie Bryant
Stephanie Shafer
Stephanie Singleton
Su Limbert
Te Chao
Teagan White
Thomas Campi
Vaughan Pinpin
Yoshi Yoshitani
Zoe Keller
ZoeZoe Sheen

And, of course, we'll be showcasing the wondrous works of Lana Crooks as our featured artist during the Guts Exhibition!

During the GUTS exhibition, Light Grey Art Lab will be hosting a ton of great new programming including some new spring classes, featured artist interviews and much more! Stay tuned and we'll keep you posted with things as we get closer to Opening Night!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Podcast: A Chat with Jesse Riggle

03.02.15_A Chat with Jesse Riggle
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A Chat with Jesse Riggle
Length: 00:37:39
Synopsis: On this week's podcast, Lindsay, Chris, and Jenny sit down for a chat with artist and long-time Light Grey Art Lab contributor, Jesse Riggle. For those who don't know, Jesse spent countless hours lending a hand as we remodeled and launched Light Grey Art Lab way back in 2012. Since then, he's moved across the globe to Vienna, Austria to work for the UN. As far as we can tell, he's spent the last year climbing mountains, biking across Europe, and illustrating massive books in his free time. We talk to Jesse about fitting in in a foreign country, how we define where 'home' is, and what's up with his weird toilet.


Show Notes:
Jesse Riggle : Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Go to Hells: An Updated Guide to Dante's Underworld
Lighting Round with Jesse Riggle
Cosmos Call for Art!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

BOSS RUSH! Sneak Peek!

We are just weeks away from the opening of BOSS RUSH! Join us on March 20th from 7-10pm for the opening reception, featuring 100+ illustrations of our favorite video game bosses!

Audrey Gonzalez Preview
Preview image of Phalanx by Audrey Gonzalez

Over the last few months, artists, illustrators, and designers have been making new artwork inspired by the most memorable, love/hated bad guys and villains from video game history! Artwork includes characters such as Griever from Final Fantasy 8, Barba from Shadow of the Colossus, Volvagia from Zelda Ocarina of Time, and so many more! Here are a couple great sneak peeks to give you a taste of the great artwork on the way!

Ciel Bahena Preview
Preview of Delita Heiral by Ciel Bahena

The opening reception will feature all of the bosses, a special interactive piece by local illustrator Chris Schons, 8-bit chip tunes, refreshments and more. Come support the project and relive your most beloved video games moments! You can let us know you are coming and invite friends on the facebook event page here!

The top ten works will be selected by our guest jurors and displayed on March 28th at GlitchCON 2015! If you want to find out more information about the convention, see all of the panelists, and register, you can find tickets on the GlichCon website here!

Britney Winthrope Preview
Preview of Jack of Blades by Britney Winthrope

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Light Grey Game Night: Adventure

Grab your passport, sharpen your crampons, and renew your Silver Twilight Lodge membership card, we're going on an adventure! And that must mean it's time for another Light Grey Game Night! So mark your calendar for Thursday, March 5 from 6:30 - 9:30 pm!

As you might remember, we're attaching a theme to each night to help people narrow down what games they might want to bring (although you're still welcome to bring whatever you'd like!). This week's theme is adventure!

Join us as we climb the world's deadliest mountain in K2, travel to the foreboding Other Worlds in Elder Signs, or grab all the loot we can carry and sprint to the helicopter before disaster strikes in Forbidden Island, among plenty of others! If you have a favorite boardgame, bring it!

So grab your friends, family or favorite stack of board games, and come play with us! RSVP via our Facebook event, and feel free to share! The more the merrier!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Podcast: All the Grey Hairs

02.23.15_All the Grey Hairs
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All the Grey Hairs
Length: 00:42:51
Synopsis: On this week's podcast, we take a look at our stray grey hairs and how they got there. Making tough decisions never gets any easier, but it's an important part of a creative lifestyle, and Lindsay, Chris, Francesca, and Jenny discuss a few moments that gave us serious pause, and how in the end the risks are worth a few grey hairs.

Show Notes:
GUTS Call for Art!
Cosmos Call for Art!

Friday, February 20, 2015

BOSS RUSH! Opening March 20th

We are just one month away from the opening reception of BOSS RUSH!

Boss Rush Preview
Preview of The Basilisk Leviathan by Marianne Vincent

Join us on March 20th from 7-10pm for a video game-inspired exhibition, including new illustrations and epic artwork made by 100+ illustrators and designers from around the globe.

Years after the closing credits roll on our favorite video games, memories of classic boss battles live on in in infamy. This large group exhibition showcases new work by each artist as they come to grips with their love/hate relationship with the villain of their choosing from video gaming’s deep history.

Boss Rush Preview
Preview of Perk up, loser Prince by Shermaine Tan

Are you ready for the BOSS RUSH!?

Artists have payed homage to a variety of bad guys such as Kerrigan of Starcraft, Mother Brain from Super Metroid, Hogger from World of Warcarft, Barbara from Shadow of the Colossus, and so many more! Come relish in victories, celebrate your triumphs, and relive your favorite battles during the BOSS RUSH! Exhibition!

Boss Rush Preview
Preview of We Are All Beasts by Doug Lobo

As we lead up to the opening reception, we will be sharing sneak peeks and previews of artwork. Keep your eyes out for your favorite bad guys, video games, and artists, as well as additional artist interviews and features! You can find more information about the opening reception, see the list of participating artists, and invite friends on the facebook event page here.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Podcast: Inside the Box

02.16.15_Inside the Box
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Inside the Box
Length: 00:55:37
Synopsis: On this week's podcast Jenny, Lindsay, and Chris are inspired by our recent call-for-art, GUTS - a show all about exploration, discovery, and the mystery of what's just underneath the surface. We discuss a range of topics, including the possibilities of what lies within, expectations vs realities, and how the unknown and special circumstances can affect the chances we're willing to take.

Show Notes:
GUTS Call for Art!
Cosmos Call for Art!
Light Grey Game Night: Feeling Lucky?