Friday, April 6, 2012

Pokémon Battle Royale Group Show!


We're super excited to invite everyone to the Opening Reception for our new show, "Pokémon Battle Royale", on Friday April 20th from 7 - 10pm!

Battle Royale is massive show, with 151 artists taking on the original 151 original Pokémon! The list of amazing talent involved is absolutely awe-inspiring! You can find a full list of participants here!

All artwork is available first-come-first-serve once the doors open, and each piece is only $40!

As a bonus, we're also opening the small gallery, which will feature a special mini-set of Poké-trainers by hand-picked guest artists, as well as a Poké-themed art provided by the superstar collaborative art project Ten Paces and Draw!

The event is free and everyone is welcome! So if you're around the Minneapolis area - stop by and say hello! There will be Poké-themed refreshments, music, super-cool people and fun give-aways!

Yeah! Give-aways! There will be a sweet (free) raffle for some excellent artwork! Make sure to stick around until the drawing at 9 PM to win!

Remember, the Opening Reception is Friday, April 20th from 7- 10pm! We're located on the corner of Stevens Ave and 26th Street - right across from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design. Street parking is available on Stevens, 26th and 1st Ave.


  1. Please publish a printed collection after the show! It'd be a best seller!

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