Monday, April 23, 2012

Pokémon Battle Royale Opening!


This past Friday was the opening reception for the Pokémon Battle Royale show! And it was a massive success! Hundreds of Poké-fanatics and art-lovers gathered for a night of art, food, chiptunes, giveaways and fun!

We knew the night was going to be a success when we were preparing to open the doors to the public, and found this waiting outside!


And that was only the beginning! There was a steady stream of people coming all night, with the gallery filled to capacity the entire night! Everyone was in high spirits, I've never seen an artshow with more people smiling and laughing.








We want to thank all the artists who participated and everyone who attended the opening! Seeing the overwhelming response made all the hard work we put into preparing completely worth it! And a special thanks to Alyssa Nassner and Bryan Ische for curating the entire show, the quality of art was phenomenal!


See the rest of the photos in our flickr set!


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