Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Exhibiting Artist List - Night of the Exquisite Corpse


Hi Everyone! We had an incredible turn-out for the call-for-art that we posted a last week. Thank you to everyone that submitted links and comments, and another special thank you to everyone else we reached out to for this show!

It was extremely hard to narrow it down to 52, and even though we had a lot of great slots, when we reached our max of 52 participating artists, we inevitably had to stop counting. So, thank you, again, to everyone that submitted their work. We'll be posting more calls for art shortly, so if you didn't make it into this show, please continue to submit for our future shows. We have some awesome large shows coming up and we want to see your work!

Without further ado, I present to you the artist list for our upcoming August 17th exhibition "Night of the Exquisite Corpse" - a 52 artist paper toy exhibition & project.
(Website links are coming! For now, here are the names!)

1. Christopher Furniss
2. Glen Brogan
3. Evan Palmer
4. Matt Hawkins
5. Jesse Phillips
6. Kris Mukai
7. Richie Pope
8. Bob Rissetto
9. Tougui
10. Andrew Kolb
11. Allison Black
12. JP Anderson-Coovert
13. Adam Hoppus
14. Chris Schons
15. Chris Hajny
16. Lindsay Nohl
17. Francesca Buchko
18. Manuel Kilger
19. Atom Pechman
20. Erik Krenz
21. Sarah Clark
22. Avner Geller
23. Brenda Cardinas
24. Liz Nugent
25. Erica Williams
26. Andrea Alcaraz
27. Emma Trithart
28. Miranda Sharp
29. Ulana Zahajkewycz
30. Allie Rotenberg
31. Chad Albers
32. Jeff thomas
33. Michael Perez
34. Jesse Lindhorst
35. Meg Hunt
36. Michael Hacker
37. Emory Allen
38. Johnny Yanok
39. Ashley Davis
40. David Seymour
41. Kyle Fewell
42. Sara Schultz
43. Jesse Riggle
44. Michelle Schwartzbauer
45. Ian Gorton
46. Lilian Joan Duremeier
47. Timothy Haugen
48. Kelly Abeln
49. Jez Tuya
50. Genna Paulsen
51. Dolly Oblong
52. Jimmy Giegerich

The show opening will be on August 17th! We're excited and ready!
More details to come!


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