Monday, July 16, 2012

Fairytales & Florals this FRIDAY!


We here at Light Grey Art Lab our busy setting up for our newest show, Fairytales & Florals, which will transport you to a pastel land of make-believe... We wanted to take a break to give everyone a sneak peek of some of the artwork on display!

Fairytales & Florals is a group art exhibition featuring the work of 18 magnificent artists, curated by Teagan White. Teagan has put together something magical, gathering craftsmen and artists to create a collection of work that begs you to stop and appreciate the tiniest details in some truly expressive work.

You'll find a mixture of airy drawings, pastel paintings, curious toys and dolls, and dreamily drawn figures that transform our gallery into a world that would make any 5 year old girl squeal with delight.


Besides admiring the sugary-sweet artwork on the walls, we invite anyone and everyone to participate in our opening night craft event! We'll have tables filled with fabric, felt, embroidery floss, feathers, paper and special trinkets so you and your friends can craft your own small plush characters, paper masks, shadow puppets and pastel buntings! Once you're satisfied, get your photo taken in front of our floral photo booth with your creation or with your friends.

We'll have plenty of cookies and cupcakes on hand for those with a sweet tooth, and as you walk in you'll be beckoned to share a warm cup of tea in our lounge with Brandon Lovejoy of Verdant Tea, as he shares tea folklore stories from the tea farms of rural China.


So grab your friends and family and please join us in celebrating the opening of the Fairytales and Florals Exhibition this Friday, July 20, from 7-10pm!

Follow the link for the official Facebook invite with all the info you need, and please share! The more the merrier!


Check out the rest of the photos on our Flickr page!


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