Monday, July 30, 2012

Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition : Tarot Card Artists Announced

Postcard for Light Grey Art Lab's Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition


PRE ORDER A COPY OF THE LIGHT GREY TAROT (includes all 78 Major and Minor Arcana and a 32 page guidebook featuring the symbolism, meaning and several classic Tarot spreads) HERE!

Finally, we're announcing all 78 artists that are participating in the Tarot Card exhibition and project! (Part of the Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Exhibition!). It's true! This show is a two-parter! Those of you that have extended a link to us to your awesome work, THANK YOU! As always, it's incredibly tough to narrow it down (especially with this group, since we've got so many awesome people!).

ATTENTION ARTISTS: There is still a second round of invites coming! We are still preparing the second artist list for the Mystics and the Occult section of the show!
Be on the look-out for that announcement!

As you may have guessed, we're going all out for this show. We're looking to really fill the gallery with mystical, magical and incredible pieces -and- the space will be filled with fate-tempting booths with live tarot readings and other fortune-telling and mystical experiences! For this project: Each artist selected for the Tarot exhibition will be exhibiting an incredible large-scale print of their work and we'll also be publishing a limited quantity of fully illustrated Tarot Decks containing the work of all 78 artists, just for this occasion!

So, if that doesn't get you excited, I don't know what will!
We'll be posting more news about the event as it gets closer, but until then - feast your eyes on part one of two:

(are you sitting? good.)
Here are all 78 of our Tarot Artists:

01. The Magician : Andrea Kalfas
02. The High Priestess : Karl Kwasny
03. The Empress : Soleil Ignacio
04. The Emperor : Rodrigo Aviles
05. The Hierophant : Curtis Square-Briggs
06. The Lovers : Angela Rizza
07. The Chariot : Lillian Joan Duermeier
08. Strength : Maike Plenzke
09. The Hermit : Matt Hansen
10. Wheel of Fortune : Andres Guzman
11. Justice : Richie Pope
12. The Hanged Man : Mike Puncekar
13. Death : Sachin Teng
14. Temperance : Felipe Vargas Lübbert
15. The Devil : Nic Skrade
16. The Tower : Thomas Scholes
17. The Star : Ashley Mackenzie
18. The Moon : Romain Mennetrier
19. The Sun : Ricardo Bessa
20. The Last Judgement : Jeff Langevin
21. The Fool : Bill Rebholz
22. The World : Manuel Kilger
23. King of Wands : Heather Danforth
24. Queen of Wands : Francesca Buchko
25. Knight of Wands : Mikkel Sommer
26. Page of Wands : Allegra Lockstadt
27. 10 of Wands : Roxy Polk
28. 9 of Wands : Tim Durning
29. 8 of Wands : Trevor Basset
30. 7 of Wands : Francois Maumont
31. 6 of Wands : Cheyenne Curtis
32. 5 of Wands : Ryan Andrews
33. 4 of Wands : Emma Trithart
34. 3 of Wands : Elena Boils
35. 2 of Wands : B. Paul Patterson
36. Ace of Wands : Jay Rogers
37. King of Cups : Mildred Louis
38. Queen of Cups : Jen Mundy
39. Knight of Cups : Natalie Hall
40. Page of Cups : Jesse Riggle
41. 10 of Cups : Trung Nguyen
42. 9 of Cups : Seo Kim
43. 8 of Cups : Daniel Fishel
44. 7 of Cups : Amy Schmitt
45. 6 of Cups : Erik Krenz
46. 5 of Cups : Katy Farina
47. 4 of Cups : Llew Mejia
48. 3 of Cups : Melissa Ling
49. 2 of Cups : Kyla Vanderklugt
50. Ace of Cups : Ulana Zahajkewycz
51. King of Swords : Abby Boeh
52. Queen of Swords : Meg Hunt
53. Knight of Swords : Meg Park
54. Page of Swords : Nadia Alenov
55. 10 of Swords : Chris Hajny
56. 9 of Swords : Alyssa Nassner
57. 8 of Swords : Chloe Chan
58. 7 of Swords : Annie Wu
59. 6 of Swords : Courtney Cashon
60. 5 of Swords : Joanna Barnum
61. 4 of Swords : Nick Stokes
62. 3 of Swords : Michelle Mishka Colombo
63. 2 of Swords : Amber Seegmiller
64. Ace of Swords : Lindsay Nohl
65. King of Pentacles : Stacey Lee
66. Queen of Pentacles : Teagan White
67. Knight of Pentacles : Aleks Sennwald
68. Page of Pentacles : Evan Palmer
69. 10 of Pentacles : Sam Schechter
70. 9 of Pentacles : Carly Monardo
71. 8 of Pentacles : Nicole Miles
72. 7 of Pentacles : JP Valderrama - The Fresh Doodle
73. 6 of Pentacles : Jaqueline Lang
74. 5 of Pentacles : Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
75. 4 of Pentacles : Chris Cheetham
76. 3 of Pentacles : Jenny Bookler
77. 2 of Pentacles : Corilu
78. Ace of Pentacles : Amélie Flechais

May the fates smile upon all of us.


  1. I am amazingly excited about this!!!
    You said that you're publishing a limited quantity of the completed tarot deck. Would online ordering be available for this? The art I've seen so far of these cards looks amazing, and I'd love to be able to get a deck. I would also love to be able to attend this event, but I'm on the east coast, so it's kinda... not possible for me.


    1. Hi Rachel! We have a pre-order available here: Thanks so much for your support! We're so excited!

  2. Hello, I've just found this call through twitter, and I'm more than interested, since one of my current waiting-list projects is cards from the original archetypes of the Marseilles' Tarot. When can we expect the second round of invites? (If it's still open to participate!)

    1. Hi Erika!
      Thank you so much for writing us! Sorry it took me so long to see your comment! We are actually full for the second part of the theme. Unfortunately, we were hoping to make a public announcement for the second batch, but we are full already! We have another fun call for art right now called Girls : Fact or Fiction. See the side bar for details! Thanks for asking and talk with you soon!

  3. Oh, that's fine, don't worry - will make sure to apply to enter the Girls exhib n.n
    Thank you!

  4. I just preordered my deck! I can't wait to have that!

  5. Just preordered my deck as well. Looking forward to that :)

  6. Hi there, I preordered my deck months ago, when are you shipping decks out?

    1. Hi Sabrina! We sent out all of the decks from the pre-order over the last week! You should be getting it any day now if you haven't already! Thanks for asking! Let me know if you got it!

  7. I have just preordered my deck! I can't wait to have that!

  8. I received my deck
    Thank you very much, it's really inspiring

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