Monday, August 20, 2012


Image by Lindsay Nohl

EDIT: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT SUBMITTED YOUR PORTFOLIO FOR OUR CALL FOR ART! THE CALL IS NOW CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS. We'll be going over all of the entries tonight and will be announcing the list of artists on Sept 5! Be on the look-out! And thanks again for all of the enthusiasm and for introducing us to all of your awesome artwork! This will be a tough one to narrow down, that's for sure...

Our next show is a big one! It's lovingly called GIRLS: Fact or Fiction

As you've probably guessed, we're looking for artists that are big fans of girls. Two kinds of girls, in fact : Real girls, and fictional girls.

The show will open at the end November at Light Grey Art Lab and run through the first week in January. This will be our big end-of-the-year show, and we're really excited about it! All pieces will be shown as 8" x 10" archival prints in the gallery and online. (The final number of participants is yet to be determined, but it is definitely slotted to be a big group show!)

Here's what you need to do if you'd like to be considered for the group!
Link to your portfolio / blog below in the comments section along with a list of 4 girls you'd like to draw. Two of them should be "fact" and two of them should be "fiction".

In order to make sure we have a balance of real girls and characters (and to make sure we don't have 45 Hermiones), the Light Grey team will be reaching out to each selected artist with ONE of their suggested girls. Please do us a favor and write something like:

Lindsay Nohl
1. Anne Frank (fact)
2. Anne Hathaway (fact)
3. Orphan Annie (fiction)
4. Annie Hall (fiction)

And rank them in order you'd like to draw them.
Of course, we'll always try to be fair and we'll try to give everyone involved their first choice when we can, but make sure you like all 4 of your choices!

Don't worry if someone has already listed some of the girls you'd like to pick, too -- Just put 'em on there and make sure you have at least one or two original ideas JUST incase we need to pull from those. We'll try our best.

Here are some of the categories that make something fact or fiction in our gallery:

  • Any woman, alive or dead, of any age or era. Including:
  • Celebrities, Musicians, Writers
  • Religious figures of any type including gods/goddesses, saints, or anything like
  • that. (ALL religious figures will be included in the fact section.)
  • Politicians
  • Friends, Family Members, Yourself.
  • Scientists, Actresses, Historical Figures, And any other category you can think of where they've actually LIVED at some point, in the realm of reality.
  • Myths and Fairytales
  • Characters from books, TV, Games of any era.
  • Movie Characters
  • Folkloric Characters, fables, tall tales
  • Ghosts
  • Ladies of Legend
(You get the point.)

This call for art is open til September 3, so feel free to spread the news to anyone you think might be interested. We're looking forward to seeing your thoughts and can't wait to see your sites! Past participants are totally welcome to submit. Each show takes on it's own life once we see who might be involved, so if you haven't been selected in the past, don't let that stop you!

Thanks again and we're looking forward to the show!

p.s. there has been some talk about getting a book published with the work included in this show... we're looking into it.