Friday, October 19, 2012

GIRLS: Fact + Fiction Exhibition Book. Headed to press!


The artwork is all in and the book is off to press! Awesome cover artwork by Peony Yip (Wednesday Addams / FICTION) and Luisa Uribe (Beatrix Potter / FACT).

The GIRLS: Fact + Fiction exhibition artwork is all in and we are getting ready for the upcoming show and reception on December 7th!
Getting all of the artwork in was no small feat. Everyone came through with flying colors and now we are impatiently waiting for the show to begin!

We are super excited about the group of artists involved and we are just electric with the thought that the gallery will soon be filled with factual ladies (in one room) and fictional lades (in the other!).

We are printing a limited edition book that contains all 100+ pieces to accompany the exhibition that will be available for pre-order up through the day of the reception. The books themselves have two 'front' covers and are fully reversible! The books are 21cm x 28.5cm and they're designed to be split in half with one side featuring the factual ladies, and the other the fictional ladies!

In addition to the awesome artwork, the artists have all supplied some really interesting, enlightening and fun to read statements about the women they've chosen. Plus, the center spread contains a comprehensive listing of everyone involved and where you can find more of each artist's work! The whole collection is a great read, and super fun to look through.

If you think you might be interested in picking up a book, we have a pre-order up on the site right now that will ship before the holidays. We want to make sure that interested people can get their books before things get crazy with the season. (We'll also make sure to hold a group of books for the exhibition opening on December 7th for anyone that is local and looking to pick one up.)

Individual giclee prints of each piece in the show will also be listed a week before the opening reception on the site for anyone interested in getting prints for the holidays.

Finally, if you would like one, we're also going to throw in a $5 discount for this week (through OCT 26) for anyone that wants to grab one early. Just type in LOVELYLADIES at checkout. After the 26th they'll be offered for $25.

Thanks so much, everyone, for supporting our shows and for all of your kind words and enthusiasm! We'll keep you posted with pictures and some previews as we go!

For more information on the artists and subjects involved, check out our previous blog post here!

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