Friday, November 16, 2012

An Afternoon Reading by Jenny Bookler & Dates for the remainder of the Tarot Show!

While we're waiting to announce the pairings of the Make My Holiday art exchange, Jenny Bookler, our awesome gallery manager did a quick and fun three-card reading using the cards!
Here's what she found in the cards (Along with a couple quick announcements, dates and information about the Tarot, Mystics and the Occult Show! Enjoy!! --Lindsay


The Tarot, Mystics and Occult exhibition has been open for a few weeks now, and we could not be more thrilled with the response and support from all of our artists, as well as our local and global community. We appreciate the enthusiasm and interest in learning how to read the Light Grey Tarot, and we hope that this project has inspired you all through the imagery and tarot card meanings.

Just a few dates to remember:
*The exhibition will be open until November 30th.
*We will be closed November 19th-24th from Thanksgiving break.
*All pick up print orders will be available after the closing of the exhibition, on December 1st.
*Our current gallery hours (soon to change!) are Wednesday-Friday from 12pm-7-pm, Saturdays from 11am-3pm, or by appointment. We hope to see you here!

Over the past few months I have been working on learning how to read the Light Grey Tarot. Although it was a daunting task at first, this has been a very rewarding and fun process. It has given me new perspective on what Tarot can be and how it can be used for rethinking scenarios. Below I have read one of our interns fate. Oh man, my first public tarot reading:


Question: What is the nature of upcoming (over the holiday) family interactions?


IV of Wands by Emma Trithart

X of Wands by Roxy Polk

VI of Swords by Courtney Cashon

Right away, I notice that you have two wands in your reading. The wands suit signifies creativity, spontaneity, quick pace, and social interactions. It is a suit of quick pursuit, moments of inspirations, and new found excitement. You also have one card from the sword suit, which is representative of intelligence, calculated and thoughtful behavior, and mind over heart. This is the most powerful and dangerous of all the suits, embodying power, which comes with all the negative feelings of self-doubt, inner turmoil, and troubled decisions.

The first card in your reading is the IV of Wands. It is in the upright position, and is a card of union, togetherness, friendship, and bliss. The two figures are holding raised hands, bouquets of flowers, and are placed below a blossoming wreath. In relation to family this card is a celebration of togetherness and a reminder of all of those important people in your life. It serves as a message of good time, memories, and keeping in mind the importance family and friends.

The second card in your reading is the X of Wands. This card illustrates a person who has good intentions and is incredibly motivated, but has allowed all of their projects, ideas, work, and responsibilities to create a heavy and great burden. They are clearly struggling and having a hard time dealing will all of the sticks they have chosen picked up. This card, since it is in the reverse position, is a reminder to take tasks and responsibilities into consideration. Although you have many skills and talents, taking on too many is detrimental to your health, relationships, and future endeavors- you cannot move forward with such a troubling load. As you reunite with your family over the next few weeks, I urge you to consider what is important and what is worth sacrificing in order to grow as a person and with others.

The third card in your reading is the VI of Swords. This card in it’s suit takes place after a struggle amongst friends and colleges- you have won a battle, but your relationships are suffering. In the VI however, this is after the storm. She is peacefully and reflectively looking inward, her swords are balanced, perfectly vertical, and still, and she is in a place of transition. Usually water represents forward movement, progression, new perspective, and an upcoming journey, and in this case, represents a slow process of healing, positivity, and finding balance.

Looking at your cards together, we can see that you have a wonderful family and support system. You know that they are there for you, even through rough patches and difficulties with specific relationships. Going into the next few weeks, I am going to remind you to take all of your priorities into consideration and decide what you can carry with you on this journey and what you need to leave behind in order to make room for family, friends, and yourself. Currently and in the future, remember through the rocky times to reflect, shed unnecessary baggage, and remind yourself of your strengths, goals, and support system. Take full advantage of the time you have with them and the new found time for yourself.

--Jenny Bookler


  1. It is going to be so great to have the Light Grey Art lab speak about tarot at our North Star Tarot conference at the beginning of Feb!!!

    1. I'm really excited about it! Looking forward to it!

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