Friday, November 9, 2012

Sneak Peek: GIRLS: Fact + Fiction book!

Amazing FACT cover art by Luisa Uribe (Beatrix Potter)


Ooooooo guess what! We got the printer's proof in the mail this last week and we practically fell over and rolled around on the floor with excitement!

Okay, we DID roll around on the floor. Well. I rolled around on the floor.

I wanted to share a sneak peek of what's in store for everyone!
The book is in production right now and we're waiting patiently for it to arrive to accompany the 100+ pieces of amazing art that will grace our walls for the
GIRLS: Fact + Fiction Exhibition reception on Friday, December 7th, from 7 - 10pm.

You can see a sliver of Rebecca Green's 'Millicent' peeking out from the pages.

Let me tell you, it's crazy hard to sit tight as we go back and forth with the printer.
I can't believe that the show is almost here.

Just a small clip of Kyle Fewell's 'Noriko' and Sam Wolfe Connely's "Candy"

You guys are in store for an insanely exciting show. Both rooms will be packed with art and we've got enough ladies featured to make your head spin. Who knows. You might even come out of there with a couple dozen more ladies (and artists) to crush on.

A little bit of Manuel Kilger's 'Samus Aran'

That, and we'll make it easy for you guys to keep up with what these artists are doing. The book itself is reversible -- so one side is the Fact side, and when you flip it over, you're looking at the Fiction side! So, when you meet in the middle, you get to see the long and exciting list of everyone involved, as well as their sites so you can check out the rest of their work!

A full and comprehensive artist list featuring everyone's sites so you can go take a look at these great artists's other projects

The whole thing has so much content in it -- stories about the artists, the subjects, some history, facts and really fun art. It's definitely a great read as well as a nice book to look at.


So! If you didn't know about it - we're still taking pre-orders of the book up until the show itself. If you'd like to order one for the holidays, now's the time!
We promise to ship it out before December 10th for anyone that claims one before the reception.

Amazing FICTION cover art by Peony Yip

Thanks again for the support, you guys. We're in love with this project and are so excited for everything to come together on December 7th!

Here's the official facebook invite!

Please help us spread the word!


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