Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Week of Make My Holiday Gifts!

Tou Yia Xiong received an amazing piece by Lindsey Cardoza

Thanks to everyone that signed up for Make My Holiday this year! We've gotten so many awesome photos of your guys receiving your gifts from your partners!

If you've gotten something special in the mail so far, send us a photo so we can show your pal that you got it, and so we can show the rest of the world what they made!

RoryPhillips received this gorgeous sculpture by Amanda Duchon

JesseLindhorst_byKatie Remaly
JesseLindhorst received this clever piece by Katie Remaly. She knew how much of a bike-guy Jesse was!

An awesome portrait of Jenny Jorns by Jeran Schmidt

Light Grey's own Jenny Bookler received this adorable felted bird from Karen Engelbretson

Another view!

Jennifer Davis received this super cute painting from Emily Balsley!

Drake Sauer got this awesome mixed media work by Meg Daniels!

And another view!

An amazing painting for Delia Evin by Hannah Albert

Another view!

A super cute painting for Courtney La Forest by Rosana Iarusso

Thanks to everyone that is sending in images! If you got something special from your partner, please send me a photo! I'd love to show the world what you got!
Thanks, too, to everyone involved - I'm really excited to see all of these amazing things!


  1. This is so awesome! I hope you do this again next year. Definitely want to participate!

    1. We certainly will! It's so awesome seeing everything come in!
      I still have to post mine!!

  2. I like Jeran Schmidt's and Emily Balsley's gifts to their pals! Looked like they designed boards for customized calendars.

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  6. On account of everybody that is sending in pictures! In the event that you got something uniquely great from your accomplice, kindly send me a photograph! I'd very much want to show the world what you got!On account of, all interested parties - I'm truly eager to see these astounding things!