Friday, December 14, 2012

Message in the Bottle Artists Announced


For those of you that remember- we did a call for art a while back for individuals that would be interested in participating in our most secret exhibition ever! We asked artists to submit links to their portfolios - then help us create a show filled with hidden imagery, secrets, codes and an overall mysterious vibe.

I'm happy to finally announce the amazing people that will be joining us! We're excited to meet some new people and really looking forward to spending hours standing in front of the art looking for all of the clues and hidden elements!

Without further ado:

The Message in a Bottle Artist List:

Brun Croes
Lorena Alvarez Gómez
Allison W Sommers
Rob Chandler
Noelle Stevenson
Florent SACRE
Janna Morton
Hannah Christenson
Anna Bron
KitKat Pecson
Rachel Idzerda
Rodrigo Aviles
Marguerite Sauvage
Claire Hummel
Dan Everett
Steven Hughes
Maria Grueter
Adrien Dacquel
Nayoun Kim
Wren McDonald
Federico Piatti
Jori Bolton
Nicolo Pellizzon
Ricardo Bessa
Taryn Gee
Jesse Tise
Danny Saathoff
Karina Rehrbern
Ashley Mackenzie
Ana Benaroya
Tara Abbamondi
Victoria Maderna
Steven Bagatzky

I'm excited to announce that we are also featuring the work of Jackie Batey, who has been a huge inspiration to us for this topic! We'll be featuring a wall of her work in the adjunct gallery at the same time as the Message in a Bottle Show!

She has created the most wonderful artist book called Running a Secret Society. I found a copy of this about a month ago and fell in love with the flavor of her writing and her design.

Check out her work here:

More information on the show and the work will follow!
Until then!

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