Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Conversation about 2012 and what's next in 2013.

Happy New Year from all of us here at Light Grey Art Lab!

We started the new year off right by running to the airport to pick up Francesca, who was visiting friends and family for the holidays, and headed straight to the gallery to record a podcast!

Jenny, Francesca, Chris and I recorded our year end / year beginning thoughts about what we've learned, things we've loved, and everything we're looking forward to!

We're excited to share our conversation with you, and we're looking forward to a lot more podcasts and downloadable content in 2013! We hope you enjoy it!

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2012 Reflections and Looking Forward to 2013
Length: 57:46
Music: As Colorful As Ever by Broke For Free via FMA.
Synopsis: Lindsay, Chris, Francesca and Jenny reflect on Light Grey Art Lab's first nine months, and talk about what's to come. We start with our thoughts on everything that happened in 2012. Then move on to personal and professional goals and plans for 2013. Finally, we wrap up by sharing some details about Light Grey Art Lab's 2013 lineup.

UPDATE: There was some audio distortion around the 35 minute mark, which became pretty unbearable. We had to clip it out, so there's a missing 4 minutes there. During that missing chunk, Jenny mentioned ideas about creating a Light Grey Art Lab Residency, we discussed plans of doing more books and printed collections, we talked about the expirience of seeing a show in person and how the upcoming Message In A Bottle show is about getting people to slow down and scrutinize a piece of artwork. And finally Francesca spoke to incorporating more lectures and events that enhance our making and viewing experience.


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