Thursday, January 10, 2013

In the Works

Classes on Happiness, Creativity, and Collaboration

We have been spending a lot of time this week talking about our new goals for 2013, what projects we would like to make happen, and new ways of reaching out to artists. I for one, am blown away with all of the changes and growth that came in 2012, all of the projects, exhibitions, workshops, and partnerships that would not have been possible without the excitement and participation of viewers, artists, friends, and family. 

As we begin this new year, we are propelled by the thought of reaching goals, finding happiness, and discoveries new ideas, which has become evident in the themes of our upcoming exhibitions and classes. I would like to spend some time sharing the upcoming events, and how we hope that these will renew a sense of creativity and motivation in all of us. 

This past weekend, January 4-6th, Kali Ciesemier led a group of 18 illustrators and designers through a three day workshop focusing on art practice and happiness. The workshop was designed to push each artist to find their own unique needs, desires, and skills as freelance artists- what makes them flourish. It was an intense few days filled with lectures, critiques, and demonstrations led by Kali, individual studio time, group discussions, and guest artists; it was an overall inspiring and productive experience. The workshop will result in a gallery show that will accompany our January exhibition Message In A Bottle. 

January 25th marks the opening of Message In A Bottle, an exhibition featuring original paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures exploring the ideas of hidden imagery and codes in art. This show ignites a sense of curiosity and slowness, transforming the audience into the clue masters and masterminds, as they unveil the tiny details and secret components of each work. 

Accompanying the Message In A Bottle Exhibition, Lindsay Nohl will be leading a studio course on Codes, Symbols, and Cyphers. This class will explore how we keep secrets, codes and un-code messages; It is about the history and culture of secret keeping. Also, Tom Cassidy, a local poet, language connoisseur, and visual artists will be presenting on Visual Sound: a lecture and performance on slam poetry, stage mentalism, and hidden meaning. 

February 1st Light Grey is hosting it's second all-night, work party: The Light Grey Lock-In. This event is near and dear to my heart, because I love the idea of collaboration, talking through ideas, and taking on those rough midnight hours together. It is such a struggle to keep moving on a project when you feel stuck and unsure, so we have created this event as a fun and lighthearted art gathering and studio session. 

These are just a few of the immediate events we have on the way. We hope that the beginning of 2013 brings you all happiness and productivity.


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