Thursday, February 28, 2013

Artist Interview: Jennifer Hom

Hot Party marks year one for Light Grey Art Lab! We are honored to have the incredibly talented Jennifer Hom's work displayed as a part of our celebration. She also generously offered to share some of her process!


What inspired the work you have in the exhibition? 

 I came across a photo of a floral dress from the early 1900s and had to draw a piece around it. I wanted a quiet image of a woman getting dressed in her bedroom. During the process, however, the scene felt very flat, so I incorporated the legs of a sleeping person on the bed. I thought it added a hint of interest while maintaining the soft mood.

 How do you feel this piece (or pieces) relate(s) to your work as a whole? 

 "Floral Dress" is one of my less emotional pieces. I drew it for the sake of drawing, rather than setting out with a strong goal. The palette relates to my other work well, but it is definitely less "whiny" or "romantic" than the rest of my work.

 What are you working on now? 

 I'm working on redoing a "children's book" idea I started back in college. It's about King Henry VIII and his six wives. It's set to a poem and I still get a kick out of it. I'm not sure if I should keep the children's book format or turn it into a comic though (it's definitely not appropriate for actual children). 

We’re celebrating our first year of existence! (We might actually relax our birthday weekend.) How do you celebrate your birthday?

 I usually go back home to New York and celebrate my birthday with my mom! There is a three week gap between our birthdays so we meet up in that space. We tend to go to spas -- she's very "Long Island."

 What is the best party you have ever attended? 

Any party with a lot of food is my kind of party-- it gives me an excuse to eat until I feel sick. There was one dinner party for which I had to walk 100 miles in order to gain entry. I definitely ate way more calories in one night than I spent walking over 30 days.

 For more of Jennifer's work, check out her site, subscribe to her blog or follow her on twitter!


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