Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beautiful Forever Artists Announced

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 2.19.15 PM
Beautiful Beast by Jared Tuttle

Seriously. Thank you to every single one of you guys that put your name down for our calls for art over the past couple weeks. We have had a heck of a time over here trying to keep up with everyone. We just finished narrowing down the list of artists and are excited to announce who will be joining us for the Beautiful Forever exhibition!

We'll be posting more information about the exhibition and the details as we get closer, but until then:

Beautiful Forever
A tribute to tattoos (of the temporary kind)
Opening Reception Friday, March 22nd
7 - 10pm
On exhibition through April 12
Details about the event are here on our official facebook invite.

The show will feature awesome tattoo 'flash' pages from each of our 40 artists. Their designs will be exhibited this March alongside the BLOWOUT exhibition: A Celebration of Tattoo Culture, a benefit show for tattoo artist, Tom Strom and will be available on our online store so we can all tattoo ourselves silly with their designs. Congratulations to our artists and HUGE thanks to everyone that contributed their work for the call for art. More details to come!

Exhibiting Artists

Karina Rehrbehn
Kelly Leigh Miller
Miranda Sharp
Richie Pope
Michelle Volansky
Ulana Zahajkewycz
Jared Tuttle
Katerina Friday
Nate Vincent Szklarski
Darla Okada
Angela Rizza
Catherine Miller
Soeun Lee
Carey Pietsch
Minerva GM
Jimmy Malone
Lillian Duermeier
Rodrigo Aviles
Ella Cohen
Nico Ecenarro
Francine Denise
Kim Hu
Melissa Ling
Chris Danger
Vero Navarro
Bene Rohlmann
Tom Wiener
Julianna Brion
Rima Neverland
Helen Mask
Kristen Acampora
Delia Evin
Katie Sanvick
Jasjyot Singh Hans
Matthew Hayton
Alyssa Nassner
Wren McDonald
Natalie Andrewson
Taryn Gee
Christine Spiegel

More information to come soon! We'll keep you posted!


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