Sunday, March 24, 2013

CALL FOR ART: In Place, an exhibition about fantastic spaces and breathtaking places

In Place Call For Art

You stumble through walls of thick, sticky foliage. Your map says you're close -- just a couple more yards and it should be here... It's rainy season and you're soaked through to the bone. Even though your clothes cling to you and the jungle floor steams like a tropical sauna, you are focused on moving forward. It's so close you can feel it. You haven't seen any sign of it but it must be here. And then, you spot small pink pottery shards drowning in the thick spongey moss beneath your -- wait. What is that? A terracotta tile painted with... and another! Your hurtle yourself forward, swatting the foliage away from your face -- racing past more and more degraded stacks of painted terracotta artifacts. You swing your arm out to catch yourself and you stumble in awe at the sight before you. A gasp squeaks through your lips. You've never seen anything like it. It's towering walls crumbling, woven with vines, peppered with pastel colored paintings, light streaming in through large, figural pillars. Massive stone faces stare with milky blank eyes. You lean against one and take it all in. It's all you can do to keep from falling to your knees. You've found it.


EDIT 4.14.13 : Thanks, everyone, for submitting your links for this call for art! We'll be posting the list of artists shortly!
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Have you ever been somewhere that took your breath away? Wished that you could visit thriving empires of the past? Wanted to travel to the ends of the Earth for a glimpse at exotic and awe inspiring locations? We are looking for people with giant imaginations that can envision and bring to life some of these intriguing, incredible places for our upcoming exhibition : In Place.

Create a vision of lost cities, vast landscapes, unexplored underground caverns, ruins of incredible civilizations, mountaintop temples, bejeweled desert oasis, dust-covered catacombs... and help us feel that sense of awe, calm, exhilaration, and loneliness.

Tell us a story with your environment.

In Place
... Wish you were here
An exhibition & book about fantastic spaces and incredible places.
Opens August 16th at Light Grey Art Lab

AND! We are printing a book of the exhibition, so we are looking for a wide variety of incredible places and ideas! They can be based in reality of eras of the past or present, legend, or speculation. As long as they're environments on planet Earth, they are fair game.

This show / book will be on exhibition during the Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying's Create, Concept and Collaborate workshop!

So, if you're interested in joining us for the exhibition, please submit your name, email, link to your website / blog below along with an idea or two of where / what you might be interested in drawing.
Since we'll be publishing a book to coordinate with the exhibition, we'll eventually be asking everyone involved to write a small bit about the topic they chose so we can include it next to your image in the book. So, think about something you're excited about!

Lindsay Nohl

1. Angkor Wat - ruins in Thailand EDIT: (Thanks Valiero!) Ruins in Cambodia
2. Thorsmork - Iceland
3. Atlantis

Please submit your entries by APRIL 12th to be considered.
Let us know if you have any questions about the exhibition!

All artwork will be on exhibition in our brick-and-mortar gallery as well as online and in the Light Grey Shop. Big news, too! We have a huge printer on the way so we'll be able to offer larger sizes of your work!
More details will be sent out to artists after the call for art closes.

In case it's helpful, we will be announcing the final artist list by April 15th and final artwork will be due by June 1st.

Questions? I'd be happy to help answer them! Send me a note at