Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CALL FOR ART: ROLE MODELS, an RPG Self-Portrait Hall of Heroes & Deck

New Call for Art! Fantasy Exhibition!

It is time, my child, to submit your name by MAY 15th

EDIT: 5.18.13 -- WHOA. This is really, really hard. I thought it would be possible to get the word out to everyone about the show before we left for New York, but it was harder than we thought to get the list narrowed down. (It's always hard, as I'm sure you are fully aware by how many times I've mentioned it!) But seriously. With 360+ artists submitting, it takes a whole lot of time going through everyone's portfolios! I sorely mis-judged how long it'd take! HUGE apologies to everyone that is waiting on us! Just wait a little bit longer and we'll try to get the word out asap! We're so close! Fingers crossed for everyone! I'll update asap! -- Lindsay

EDIT: 5.16.13 -- Thanks to everyone that put your name in the mix for ROLEMODELS! WE'll be jurying the show over the next couple days and will announce the group of artists that will be joining us shortly! So many amazing people put their names down, this will be a tough one! Good luck to everyone and we'll be announcing the artists asap!

EDIT: 5.15.13 -- if you're having trouble seeing your comment appear, sometimes it's behind the cut! Since we have a lot of entries they're sometimes hiding at the WAY end! Check there after a couple minutes to make sure it got through! If you're having any trouble getting it to post, send me a note! hello@lightgreyartlab.com

It is time that you take your rightful place in the pages of the illustrated history books. Ballads sung far and wide will bear your name and our children's children will tell tales of your adventures and your might. Your name will echo with reverence through the great halls and the elders will speak with vigor of your accomplishments.

You are a HERO!


You walk into the Dragon's Wake Inn and sit down at a sticky bar pock-marked with a thousand dents and dings from years of cast-iron mugs in heavy hands. It's been about a month since you've been adventuring and rumor has it that the Lords of the four lands have been recruiting mercenaries from the local pubs to prepare for (what seems to be) an inevitable battle for power. The tension between the dark and the light has been mounting for several seasons. You decide -- though it may be apparent that you are an outsider here -- that you will wait and listen for the right time to reveal your intentions to join one of the four mercenary bands. You wonder whether your past alliances will matter when it comes down to it. You ponder stoically into your mug of ale and eventually come to the quiet decision that you will join forces with like minds. You are a mercenary, sure, but you are meant for greatness. Surely you will ally with the right side.

"Adventurer," a beefy hand is placed upon your shoulder "Are you of the Light? Or the Grey?"


When we thought it wasn't possible to nerd out any more than we already do... we found a way.

ROLE MODELS, our new call for art
is an exhibition celebrating our heroes, but with a twist.

If you've ever played a fantasy RPG, if you've ever looked upon the work of Frank Frazetta with awe, or ever found yourself captivated by This, This or even This, we want you to join our hall of heroes.

For our October (Yay! Halloween!) show, we'll create an insane fantasy laden hall-of-heroes at Light Grey. The walls will be packed with image after image of almost 100 illustrators in hyper-aspirational depictions of their fantasy alter-egos clothed in battle-scarred armor, mid-fight, surrounded by foes, beasts, magic, riches, or otherwise. We'll peer into the images and learn a little about the atributes of our real-life artists by their choices of class, stats, and their alignment. We'll build teams of arcana-wielding mages from the mix, stage battles between the lawful good and the chaotic evil, and we'll see who is on our team, and who is not. You'll see yourself standing in the midst of a great many heroes of all types and we shall all revel in the nerd-glow of the moment.

We will publish the most seriously ridiculous deck of cards you've ever seen that will serve as both celebratory artist / character trading cards (for those of us that just want to stare at some great artists and their great work) AND a playable card game where you'll be able to build armies of allies, defeat foes, switch sides and defend your land.
This deck will be available for at the October opening reception, (and we'll probably have a pre-order a little bit before that.)


If you are interested in joining us! Here's what we need!:


1. Think about your personal attributes a whole lot before choosing the following options. The images you create should be based on who you are, or who you would want to be if you were dropped into a fantasy world.

2. Write you name, email and blog / website link below with the following info:

3. Write down your first and second choice for class: (Ranger, Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Mage (Damage Arcana), Cleric (Support Arcana) -- and write this below as well. (We realize that there are mini sub-sets of other classes that exist, and those of you that will join us will be able to be more specific about what kind of mage, or what kind of warrior, but for now, we are using these general classes to help divide into 6 groups! For example, Clerics would also include Druid and Shaman)

4. Do you play as good? Evil? or Unaligned. (Write that below as well)


Lindsay Nohl
1. Paladin 2. Warrior

For now, that's all we need! We'll be sending out an email to everyone that will be joining us for our show for the next round - which will include spec'ing out the other attributes of your character. You'll get to allot your points.
You'll see the list of other mages, paladins, clerics and so on -- that are just like you. You'll see who leans good and who leans evil. And hopefully you'll get a chance to talk with your like-minded brethren in the realm of reality, too. :) So dig out your D20s and let's make legends out of you.

Questions? Send me a note! hello (at) lightgreyartlab.com