Monday, April 8, 2013

Podcast: Talking With Tattoo Artists (Part One of Two)

Podcast-Talking With Tattoo Artists Part One
We're going into the final week of the Blowout and Beautiful Forever shows! So for this week's (and next week's) podcast we wanted to talk to a handful of tattoo artists personally to get their thoughts about the culture of tattooing, on-the-job experiences, work/life balance, preconceived notions, and pretty much anything else they felt like talking about.

Arranged in order of seniority starting with a young student looking for an apprenticeship and ending with a seasoned pro, we wanted to get a variety of viewpoints and opinions. And believe me, we got plenty! In every case, our converstations lasted way longer than expected (in a good way!). Which is why we had to split the show into two parts.

We start out this week with part one, where we talk to aspiring tattoo artist Jared Tuttle, and young up-and-coming local tattoo artist Katie Kroeck. Next week we talk to Brian Kelly, an international man of mystery who's been tattooing for more than ten years now, and Nic Skrade, a 25 year veteran tattoo artist and one of the owners of Uptown Tattoo.

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Talking With Tattoo Artists Part One of Two
Length: 01:37:09
Synopsis: In the first of a two part series, we talk to aspiring tattoo artist Jared Tuttle and local tattoo artist Katie Kroeck about the culture of tattooing, on-the-job experiences, why they love the medium, and anything else they want to talk about. Tune in next week to hear part two, which features international mystery man Brian Kelly and seasoned tattoo artist and one of the owners of Uptown Tattoo, Nic Skrade.

Show Notes:
Girls: Fact+Fiction Opening Reception
Jared Tuttle is a current student at Minneapolis College of Art and design. His work can be found at and at @jaredgraytuttle on Twitter.

Katie Kroeck
Katie Kroeck is a tattoo artist at Unusual Expressions Tattoo & Piercing in Uptown, Minneapolis. You can find her on Facebook and at @kittencaboodles on Twitter.


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