Monday, April 15, 2013

Podcast: Talking With Tattoo Artists (Part Two of Two)

Podcast-Talking With Tattoo Artists Part Two
This week we continue talking with tattoo artists about the culture of tattooing, on-the-job experiences, work/life balance, preconceived notions, and pretty much anything else they felt like talking about. Last week we spoke to two relative new-comers to the industry, this week we talk to Brian Kelly, who's been tattooing for 10 years in Minneapolis, Ireland and Germany, and Nic Skrade, an established tattoo artist with over 22 years of experience and one of the owners of Uptown Tattoo.

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Talking With Tattoo Artists Part Two of Two
Length: 01:34:46
Synopsis: In the second of a two part series, we talk to international mystery man Brian Kelly and seasoned tattoo artist Nic Skrade about the culture of tattooing, on-the-job experiences, why they love the medium, and anything else they want to talk about. Make sure to check out last week's podcast if you it, in which we talked to aspiring tattoo artist Jared Tuttle and local tattoo artist Katie Kroeck.

Show Notes:
Brian Kelly is a tattoo artist with ten years of experience. He currently works at Loxodrom Tattoo & Piercing in Berlin, Germany. His work can be found at and on the Brian Kelly Facebook page.

Blowout/Beautiful Forever Opening Reception
Nic Skrade is a tattoo artist with 22 years of experience. He is one of the owners of Uptown Tattoo in Minneapolis, MN. His work can be found at Uptown Tattoo and his blog, Beasts of the North.


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