Friday, May 24, 2013

ROLEMODELS Artists Announced!



We had such a good time looking at all of the portfolios that were submitted for the Rolemodels exhibition and project!
You guys are amazing! We really appreciate all of the enthusiasm you guys have for this show! Our excitement has been fueled by all the energy and conversations we've had with you guys as we are getting this together! With over 360 crazy good artists submitting, you can imagine how hard it was to narrow it down. We're super excited for everyone to join us and really looking forward to the next steps!

This will be our HALLOWEEN SHOW! So, expect ridiculous costumes, fun giveaways, and a lot more excitement as we get closer! We'll make sure to tell you all about the pre-order as soon as we are able!

It was super fun watching everyone pick their classes and alliances and we're on to the next phase!
From here, our list of artists will spec their characters and get their portraits ready for the show! We'll keep you guys posted with new details as they come!

Watch for another call for art to be announced soon! We've been brainstorming some new, fun ones. :)

Show goes up on Oct 18th
Giant Opening Reception Oct 25th (Halloween party!)
On Display through November 15th!

OUR HEROES: (Artist links to come soon!)

Kaitlin Reid
Andrew Kolb
Chris Visions
Phoenix Chan
Jonathan Vair Duncan
Nick Blazey
Erik Krenz
Karina Rehrbehn
Shanti Rittgers
Leonard Peng
Gillian Grossman
Sebastian Wittenberg
Emma Trithart
Marguerite Sauvage

Graham Judd
German Schible
Nicole Chartrand
Jori Bolton
Jenna Kass
Lindsay Nohl
Jez Tuya
Nathan Nelson
Victor Maury
Sage Einarsen
Henry Christian-Slane
Stacey Lee
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Wendi Chen
Zach Montoya

Victoria Maderna
Nadine Redlich
Ricardo Bessa
Allie Strom
Matt Wentworth
Jen Mundy
Christina Ellis
Ashley Mackenzie
Stefie Zöhrer
Alexei Vella
Colin Foran
Joshua Zentner
Jimmy Malone
Aleks Sennwald
Ciaran Duffy
Jenn Liv
Andrew Olson
Alison Donato
Evan Palmer

Matt Rockefeller
Julie Curtis
Jason Rainey
Louise Bagnall
Joe Lillington
Douglas Holgate
Francesca Buchko
Dan Matutina
John DeLucca
Rachel Suggs
Nico Delort
Maike Plenzke
Lisa Röper
Richie Pope
Claire Hummel
Nicole Miles

Chris Hajny
Nic ter Horst
Miko Maciaszek
Rodrigo Aviles
Cathryn Virginia
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Thomas Wellmann
Bart Tiongson
Steven Hughes
Stephen Wood
Manuel Kilger
Evan Monteiro
Stephanie Engel
Diego Gisbert
Mildred Louis
Justin Woo
Sophie Blackhall-Cain

Amanda Christensen
Michael Meier
Adam Hoppus
Hannah Christenson
Jonathan Hill
Chicherova Olga
Chris Brooks
Linda Tran
Tara Abbamondi
Nate Stefan
Rory Phillips
Derrick Dent
Tom Kyster
Alexxander Dovelin
Jesse Riggle
Lauren Pettapiece

Defending Kingdoms
Alexia Tryfon
Stefanie Kick
Andreas Schuster
Shane Richardson

Thanks again to all of you that put your names in! Did you ever know that you're my heroes? You are the wind beneath my wings.


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