Thursday, June 27, 2013

LIGHT GREY ART CAMP! August 9 - 12!

take a peek at the location of our newest retreat / residency!

EDIT 6.29 - Wow! Thanks guys for all the enthusiasm over this! It's now off the store, sorry to every one else that was interested in joining us! We'll be looking forward to offering it next year and we'll make sure to let you know all about it!

We've been biting our lip for a while and now that we're back in action, we're SO EXCITED to announce our newest retreat!

LIGHT GREY ART CAMP! Join us for an energizing four day retreat filled with creative workshops and field trips, ultimate outdoor adventures, and tons of art-making! Light Grey Art Camp is half retreat and half residency built to make new connections, make work, and create without boundaries!
Get ready for a huge adventure and join us for our retreat / residency in gorgeous, green, Mequon Wisconsin!

This is a travel workshop so it is open to everyone! Meals and accommodations are included in the workshop price, as are your sketching supplies and workshop materials! All you have to do is pack for camp and arrive in time for adventure!

We're embracing the spirit of adventure! Think: sketch scavenger hunts, late-night art making, spirited brainstorming sessions around bonfires, inspirational workshops and plenty of time to explore, create and reflect. We have crazy amounts of things planned and we are super excited for this to happen! All of the details are listed on our shop page and we are REALLY looking forward to spending some time with all of you guys!

Reservations are limited to 18 people and it's first come, first served! All the details are HERE.


The core focus of our camp is about exploration! Technique demonstrations, incredible sketch prompts, inspirational field-trips and exploratory drawing sessions are all part of the plan! Each artist will receive a Light Grey Art Lab bag with sketching materials, a workbook and an agenda for the weekend when they arrive.

In addition to our core curriculum, Light Grey Art Lab founder Lindsay Nohl will be hosting an evening workshop on hand-drawn patterns by hand and Francesca Buchko will be hosting a workshop called "Field guide" - an observational watercolor workshop.

All of hard work will be celebrated in the publication of a collaborative Light Grey Art Camp japanese bound zine- which will be available on the last day of camp to all participants!!
We're looking forward to brining together illustrators, designers, comic artists and fine artists to see what we can make together!

Each day is filled with combination of both inspiring and challenging workshops, field trips, art-sessions and discussions. We have a ton of amazing meals, extra-curriculars and leisure activities planned as well to make sure you get the most out of your camp experience!

Our daily schedule begins each day with an at-your-leisure breakfast from 8:30am - 10am where you can take your time and enjoy starting your day with fruit-topped pancakes, organic smoothies, freshly baked scones, coffee and tea, or other goodies. During this time you'll also have the option of joining the Light Grey team in morning yoga, a dip in the pool, or just taking your time getting ready. The optional morning activities will be listed on our workshop agenda, which you can sign up for as we go!

During the core of the day we'll volley between creating, discussing, collaborating and brainstorming. After breakfast we'll have session 1 -- where we begin our workshops! Nearing the noon hour, we'll have a family style lunch on the patio with the group as we take time to reflect and discuss. In the afternoons we'll head to session 2 where continue our workshop program. Finally, hunker down at night for a festive organic meal and great desserts with the group.

After dinner you can follow your every whim! You'll have time to explore the outdoors, spend time in the studio, chat around the bonfire, watch a midnight movie, or play games with the Light Grey team. Our schedule is built to use the core of the day for getting down to business, and we encourage you to enjoy your free time with whatever inspires you while you're at camp! A full list of options will be available to everyone on the camp agenda!

Bring your art-making supplies and your ideas and set up camp in our large collaborative studio space! Get creative with other artists as you work alongside each other during open studio hours. Participants will have access to studio hours from 9am - midnight each day, so you'll have plenty of time to get ambitious with your projects!

All of the meals for our adventure are provided with the cost of the retreat and will feature organic, home-grown vegetables from the local garden. Vegetarian options will be available for each meal as well! We'll be enjoying family-style meals for lunch and dinner, and breakfast will always be at your leisure. Campers will be able to sign up for the optional cooking workshops where you can learn to make some of the meals we'll enjoy during our stay.
A full menu will be provided to all participants closer to the event.

As you arrive on Friday night, you'll get a tour of the grounds, facilities and we'll show you to your very own spacious tent -- fit with a comfy bed and plenty of room to spread out! We have plenty of facilities for showering, getting ready and freshening up, so you'll never need to worry about 'roughing it' while you're here.

We'll be staying in at Fox Hollow Farm, a small family homestead with a large organic garden, a mini orchard, tea garden and 6 acres of partially wooded greenery!

Don't forget your swimming suit if you'd like to take a dip in the pool! The pool will be open 24 hours a day, so if you feel inclined, jump on in!

We have the rest of the transportation, arrival and schedule details listed HERE!
Thanks and hope you can make it!
Can't wait!!

Questions? Send me a note!


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