Monday, June 24, 2013

Podcast: Back In Action

LGAL_Back In Action
After a few weeks in Iceland, Chris, Lindsay and Francesca are finally back in Minneapolis and raring to go. Jenny held down the Light Grey Art Lab fort admirably, and we headed straight into the opening for You Can Do It, Put Your Back Into It, wrapping up the In Place book, and catching up with artists, clients and… life.

What's left of the trees outside our house. Our neighbor took most of the damage.
A scarily destructive storm nearly derailed this week's podcast after knocking out the power and internet in most of Minneapolis, but we found a space to record at the 11th hour! Enjoy!

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Back In Action
Length: 01:02:56
Synopsis: After an extended stay in Iceland the gang is back together! In true Light Grey Art Lab fashion, we hit the ground running with a series of non-stop deadlines, huge projects late, late nights. On this week's podcast Jenny, Francesca, Lindsay and Chris talk about the struggle of getting back into the swing of things and how we get(and more importantly, stay) motivated.


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