Monday, June 3, 2013

Podcast: Iceland Diaries - Part One

LGAL_Iceland Diaries PT1
You may remember us mentioning that we were headed to Iceland for a couple weeks! Don't think a little thing like rugged, untamed nature and lack of internet would stop us from recording a podcast! Lindsay had the idea to do a daily audio diary, so we sit down every night after a long day of adventuring and recap some of our trip.

Did the ghosts of the Haunted Guesthouse get Francesca in the end? Did the Light Grey team ever get their car out of knee-deep mud? Will Lindsay ever stop falling into quicksand? You'll have to listen to find out!

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Iceland Diaries - Part One
Length: 01:42:28
Synopsis: This week's podcast comes to you directly from Iceland! Francesca, Lindsay and Chris left Jenny in Minneapolis to hold down the LGAL fort for two weeks while they travel around the beautiful and remote Iceland landscape. Not wanting to leave the podcast in the lurch, we've decided to do a series of daily audio-diaries from the road. This week starts in Reykjavik and continues north throughout the West Fjords ending in Ísafjördur. Forgive the audio quality and any pronunciation errors as these are the raw, uncut ramblings of some weary travelers!

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