Sunday, July 7, 2013

A little fixeroo

Here's Chris touching up a little. Look at how much fun he's having.

Ok - yeah, it's Sunday night, but we have the jams on and we're making progress. Though we missed the window to call this 'Spring' cleaning, we are going strong and we are on a mission! Over the next week we're going to make some awesome changes to the gallery including a laundry list of things that, until now, we've only been dreaming of.

We'll be unveiling the new Light Grey next weekend! We're excited to show it off at our upcoming HUGE ART SALE, our July Fundraiser! Don't forget to stop in and tell us what a great job we did and see an amazing amount of artwork donated by Light Grey's contributing artists. Most of the work will be on sale for $15 - $35 and we'll be having plenty of sales going on ONLINE as well!

More Details on that, here.

Don't worry, we'll post some before and after shots so you'll be able to see it for yourself!
Wish us luck - renovating is always hard work!