Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Custom Artwork to help raise money for Oliver's Treatment.

Meowy Christmas! This guy is hanging out in my lap and getting his Christmas cuddles.
Oliver, my sweet kitty

Hi guys, It's Lindsay.
It's been a tough week. Chris and I have been in and out of the University of Minnesota Veterinary Clinic this past week and just got some really sad news. Our kitty, Oliver, has been diagnosed with having cancerous tumors in his lungs. We've decided to try to give him the best shot at fighting it, and he's currently getting chemotherapy to try to treat them. He's a tough boy and has a fighting chance since he's an otherwise healthy boy. With his chemo, he's got a chance of shrinking or stopping the growth of the tumors, and we're hopeful that it makes living happily with them a real possibility. He is happy, not in any pain, and has been racing around like a crazy cat regardless of his diagnosis.

I'm not a person that gives up easily, and though it's been very hard to understand it all and very expensive, I am determined to try to help however I can.

I have set up a small online shop where I'll be creating custom artwork for anyone that is interested or willing to trade a nice piece of art for help in offsetting the cost of his treatment. If you are looking for a nice gift for someone you love, or just would like a nice illustration for yourself, I would be happy to create one for you.

Please help me spread the word with anyone you might know that could be interested.
I have also set up a donation page on my website for anyone that is interested in donating whatever amount (if you are not interested in a piece of work) HERE.

Here are some examples of the types of work that I'll be selling. If you are interested in prints or patterns, I would be happy to make either!
Thanks so much, and if all you can do is share this post for me, I would be forever grateful.

A link to my custom art shop fundraiser can be found here.
I'll be doing these on a first-come, first-served basis and will try my best to create them quickly for anyone willing to donate.
Questions? Send me a note at my personal email,

Here are some samples of my artwork.
Thanks so much, you guys, for your help. I appreciate it more than you can know.

Custom Typography, Monogram, Phrases.

Custom Black and White Sketches

Custom Repeating Patterns

Custom Botanical Illustrations

Custom Crystals / Mineral Prints


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