Tuesday, July 9, 2013

IN PLACE : Pre-Order Available!

The front cover - with artwork by the very talented, Erik Krenz

We just received the very first copy of the In Place book and IT IS GORGEOUS!
Thanks to everyone that was involved in making this happen!

In coordination with the In Place: Wish You Were Here Exhibition (Opening on August 23rd) we have created a stunning 80 page, perfect-bound, limited edition art book. Each one is signed and numbered - and absolutely incredible.

Here is a link to the pre-order if you're interested in checking it out!
The book is $25 and features the work of 50 international illustrators, visual development artists, and creatives came together for this project - where wide-format style illustrations span the pages alongside stories of each exotic location's cultural nuances, historical highlights and folkloric stories.

Inside the front cover you'll see a map containing each of the locations

Grove of Fetters by JB Casacop

We have been working like crazy over the last couple months, pouring over places, working with artists, and finally getting everything together and after long hours of research, writing, revision and design! One of our objectives with this project was to show the beauty of the spaces and places around us. Considering that we have been huge advocates of connecting artists from all ends of the Earth - it was only natural that we spend some time bringing a project to life that allows us to discover and explore some of the most exotic and interesting spaces!

Our second objective was to not just show the beauty of each place, but really share information about them that you might not know: the hidden bits of information that have been buried by time!

Omoide Yokocho by Kali Ciesemier

We had the pleasure of working with Award Winning Arctic Explorer, Lonnie Dupre, known for his expeditions through Greenland via dogsled and his participation in two National Geographic documentaries (among many other honors) for the forward of the book -- he creates an inspiring introduction to a book that aims to bring out the explorer in all of us.

Northridge Mall by Andres Guzman

"From mountain peaks to lost islands at the bottom of the sea, In Place is a collection of artwork that delves into many of the most significant, sublime, and unbelievable places on Earth. Featuring the work of fifty contemporary illustrators, designers, and creatives, this collaborative project aims to create a greater understanding of the places we live in and dream of." --- From the front cover

We are in the midst of planning some fantastic get-togethers in honor of the publication of In Place!
Put these dates on your calendars!

August 23
In Place Exhibition Opening Reception
Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis MN 55404
7 - 10pm

August 24
In Place Book Mixer & Release Party
at Verdant Tea!
12 - 3pm (join us for delicious teas, book signing, meet the artists / editors / designers. 1pm casual Q&A and panel disucussion)

August 30
Join us for Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying
(Two contributing artists for the In Place exhibiton)
Artist Lecture at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design
Large Auditorium


All Artists Meet & Greet
Co-sponsored by Light Grey Art Lab & SooVac
Join us at Glam Doll Donuts for a creatives get-together!
Say hello to artists of all disciplines from the Twin Cities Area!
Bring your business cards & get ready for a fun night of sweets!
8:30 - 10:30pm

September 14
Book Release and Panel on Collaborative Printed Projects
at Boneshaker Books

Forword by Lonnie Dupre

Featuring the work of:

Andres Guzman
Andrew Whyte
Angela An
Anna Bron
Anna Craig
Casey Crisenbery
Chie Boyd
Courtney Billadeau
Elyse Holmes
Erik Krenz
Federico Piatti
Genevieve FT
Gigi D.G.
JB Casacop
Jeff Johnson
Jesse Tise
Josie Portillo
Joy Ang
Juan Carlos Barquet
Kali Ciesemier
Kelly Bastow
Kim Smith
Kyle Scott
Lara Paulussen
Lauren Airriess
Leonard Peng
Leslie Hung
Maike Plenzke
Manuel Kilger
Michael Gunder
Mike Yamada
Phoenix Chan
Sage Einarsen
Sam Bosma
Sarah Marino
Séléna Picque
Sherwin Abesamis
Sidharth Chaturvedi
Silver Saaremäel
Uwe Hiedschöetter
Vero Navarro
Victor Maury
Victor Mosquera
Victoria Maderna
Victoria Ying
Lindsay Nohl - Design & Artwork
Victoria Nohl - Editor
Jenny Bookler - Editor
Chris Hajny - Editor
Francesca Buchko - Artwork & Editor
Lonnie Dupre - Forword

*** IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PRE-ORDERING the IN PLACE Limited Edition Art Book, we will be shipping after August 23rd.
Individuals placing orders will reserve a copy to be shipped after the In Place opening reception on August 23rd. A limited quantity will be reserved for the opening reception as well. Orders are filled on a first-come-first-served basis and because quantities are limited, all orders placed through this pre-order are guaranteed to be available.

Questions? Please email us at hello@lightgreyartlab.com

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