Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Station Zero Recap!

Station Zero Opening Reception
Huge thanks to everyone that came out to party with us this past Friday at the Station Zero exhibition opening reception!

I've got to hand it to the amazing people of the Twin Cities for their awesome ability to get into the fun and participate in the super silly stuff we do at Light Grey. I can't thank everyone enough for creating all tof these amazing tin-foil hats and actually wearing them around for the entirety of the exhibition!
I didn't think it could be possible to see such a diversity of bright, shiny headwear in one place!

Station Zero Opening Reception

We had incredible time! Tons of futuristic music, lots of action at the photobooth (thanks, NASA, for being awesome, too) and many artists making their way to Light Grey for the reception! It was great seeing some of you guys here in person! It was a total blast.

Station Zero Opening Reception

Station Zero Opening Reception

Station Zero Opening Reception

Station Zero Opening Reception
I couldn't resist. This one is of my dear sister, Victoria, who got a little too excited about space.

I have a hunch that no one could hold a straight face when taking photos in front of our photo-booth. Some of the faces people are making in these photos are priceless.
I'll let you check out the rest for yourself!

See all of the amazing photos on our Flickr set here.
And if you couldn't make it, don't worry, the exhibition is up for another several weeks and is also online here and forever on the site!

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