Thursday, September 5, 2013


Colin Foran & Claire Hummel's :WORLD BUILDER WORKSHOP!

Light Grey Art Lab is proud to present our newest weekend workshop, World Building with Claire Hummel and Colin Foran. The duo is traveling to Minneapolis from Seattle-based Microsoft Studios to join us in an incredible (and ambitious!) workshop filled with inspired discussion, exceptional exercises and a series of technical demos. Colin and Claire have professional world-building experience working on game titles such as Bioshock - Infinite and Killer Instinct and have helped develop the visuals for many other incredible Xbox and Kinect titles.

If you are an artist that has been dying to buff up your concepting skills in a super-collaborative experience, this workshop is for you! You'll be crafting content for a world in the style of the professional game development industry, under Claire and Colin's practiced eyes.

with Colin Foran and Claire Hummel
November 1, 2 and 3rd
Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday

As always, this workshop is open and welcome to travelers! We will happily help you with your accommodations, so you can come and enjoy our fair city with us!

We're really thrilled to have Colin and Claire visit, just in time for our Rolemodels exhibition! What better way to celebrate our role-playing inspired show and card game than a guest visit from two artists from the gaming industry? These guys flex their mega-talented muscles both during work hours and after; you can check out both of their blogs to see they don't stop world-building at the office doors. After talking with them through a few shows and a podcast, it was clear that they are just excited about this kind of thing as we are.

Concepts for Bioshock-Infinite by Claire Hummel

If you're into creating super experiential work, or maybe you've been wondering what it's like designing in the gaming industry, this is the workshop for you.

Colin's recent contribution to the Station Zero Exhibition


The workshop will include:
• Admission & Priority Seating for Colin Foran and Claire Hummel's Artist Lecture
• A Light Grey Art Lab workbook and gift bag filled with creative materials for the weekend.
• Painting and Drawing technique demonstrations by both Colin Foran & Claire Hummel
• Roundtable discussions on building recognition, reputation and defining your artistic identity
• A personalized workshop on assessing creative goals and developing personal practice including building a schedule for pursuing creative endeavors.
• Working alongside Colin and Claire in team-led creative sessions.
• In-Studio collaborative exercises in developing character and environmental assets.
• An inside look at working in the video game development industry

• Participation in Light Grey Art Lab's 4th All Creatives Meet & Greet: Networking Event
• A behind-the-scenes look at how ROLEMODELS: The Battle for Vyk' Torhaahl card game was created.
• Lunches & Dinners at some of Minneapolis's best eateries.
• Saturday night BYOB(g) (Pizza, Boardgames and Beer! with ROLEMODELS Artists- Special Guests!) Woo woo!

....and much more!
To see the full list of what's to come, check out the listing here!

Work by Colin Foran

This workshop is limited to 18 participants and is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that it is non-refundable, so please let us know if we can help answer any questions for you.

We can't wait to see you!

Claire Hummel's Jasmine, from her Historical Disney Princess Series

For all of the details on how this works, head to THIS LINK!
Questions? contact us at

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