Saturday, September 14, 2013

Nights and Weekends Opening Reception + Traveling Sketchbook Library

We are gearing up for an exciting week at Light Grey Art Lab! This entire next weekend is filled with incredible projects, opening receptions, workshops and more!

Starting this Friday at 2pm, we will have the Traveling Sketchbook Library of the Sketchbook Project! They have journeyed all the way from Brooklyn as part of their 1703 Miles and Back Tour, and Light Grey Art Lab is their Minneapolis stop along the way! This is the first time the Sketchbook Project has ever been to Minnesota, and we are so thrilled host this wonderful project. Participants from all over have registered and completed sketchbooks as part of the Light Grey Chapter on tour. Their works, along with thousands of other sketchbooks will be available for viewing, checking out, and browsing! The Traveling Library will be open from 2pm-8pm (right outside our doors) so be sure to stop by and take a peek!

Nights and Weekends

Then, starting at 7pm, we will have the official opening reception of the Nights and Weekends Exhibition! This show features individual projects from beginnings to completion, the process, the sketches, and of course, the polished books, zines, prints, and more. Each artist in the exhibition has completed incredible projects, self published books, and collaborated with others in order to make their dream projects become a reality.

Some of the works that we are looking forward to include Campbell Whyte nearly 400 piece watercolor series of the original Nintendo System Characters, Geniviéve FT's prints from her newly published book Dames, Neufundland, a collaborative design and comic compilation from Germany, and much much more!
Nights and Weekends
Here is a little sneak peek!
This includes a comic from the Neufundland Book, one of Anne Ulku's Haikuglyphics, a portrait by Antonio Rodrigues Jr., and Ghost Neighborhood by Kim Ku.

You can see some of the work available on our online shop

Then, Saturday the 21st at 9pm, Campbell Whyte will be teaching an all-night creative workshop and comic jam! Mark your calendars for this new class, where you can meet other local comic lovers, participate Campbells demos and comic discussions, and create your own zine to copy and share! You can see more information and pre-register for this class on our online shop here! If you register with a friend, you will get a partner discount!

We are very excited to celebrate all of these artist's work! We hope to see you here!


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