Monday, September 23, 2013

Podcast: Talking with Campbell Whyte

09.23.13_Talking with Campbell Whyte
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Talking with Campbell Whyte
Length: 00:39:32
Synopsis: On this week's podcast we talk to prolific artist and all-around-great-guy Campbell Whyte. Campbell's massive 8-Bit Dreams series is on display in this month's Nights & Weekends exhibit, and he traveled all the way from Australia to join us for the opening and to lead All-Night with Campbell Whyte, an all-night comic workshop. Campbell is no stranger to incredible, large-scale projects and we talk to him about where his ideas come from, how he manages to stays motivated and get so much accomplished, and much much more.

Campbell Whyte
Show Notes:
Campbell Whyte's Website
Home Time
Storyteller Cards
All-Night with Campbell Whyte recap (this post will go live later this week! Check back soon!)


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