Monday, September 2, 2013

Podcast: Visual Development with Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying

09.02.13_Visual Development with Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying
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Visual Development with Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying
Length: 01:11:56
Synopsis: Walt Disney Animation Studios visual development artists Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying (aka Extracurricular Activities) visited Minneapolis to host our weekend workshop, Create, Concept & Collaborate. To kick off the event, we hosted a public artist talk where Mike and Victoria spoke about the Visual Development process in a studio environment. Since Mike and Victoria are not only incredibly talented artists, but also super knowledgeable and a treat to listen to, we thought it would be a great conversation to share on the podcast!

Extracurricular Activities
Mike Yamada
Victoria Ying


  1. Hi!I'm listening to the podcast and God! how I would like to see the slides they're talking about. Are they by any chance available somewhere? And do you consider videos with the lectures for the future?:)...please:)

    1. Hi Ada! There are a couple of photos that we have on the flickr set! We weren't able to capture all of them, but you can get a sneak peek of a couple from the lecture!

  2. Hi Ada!
    Right now they're not available, but I'll look into seeing if they might let us post something somewhere! We would love to do videos in the future! Since some of the things they were talking about were still under wraps by Disney, we just had to be careful this time! :) I'll post an update if I'm able to release any images! Thanks for the note! :)