Thursday, October 10, 2013

6 Degrees Artists Announced!


We are excited to announce the line-up for our newest exhibition : 6 Degrees!
Thanks to everyone that participated in our call for art!

The whole month of December is dedicated to making connections, giving and sharing, and thinking about our roots. We're going to be discussing the power of the collective voice through a ton of content on the podcast, in our interviews online, and through plenty of interesting moments that will make you think about how very small, and wonderfully intimate our world is.

6 Degrees
an exhibition about the power of the collective voice
a postcard exhibition

opening reception December 6th
7 - 10pm
runs through January 10th.

at Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55404 USA


Congratulations to our 6 Degrees artists!:

Frances Alvarez
Courtney Billadeau
Justin Oaksford
Kathy de Castro
Bart Tiongson
Melanie Daigle
Erin McGuire
Rebecca Green
Nicolas Aznárez
John Lee
Sam Schetcher
David Aguado
Jardley Jean-Louis
Alexia Tryfon
Ashlyn Anstee
Sara O'Brien
Rory Phillips
Patrick Murphy
Taryn Gee
Fraeya Pinto
Tyler Parker
Kim Tomacruz
Victoria Fernández
Ulana Z
Alison McDole
Casey Crisenbery
Courtney Wirth
Kim Ku
Sarah Robbins
Shermaine Tan
Esther Hong
Audrey Gonzalez
Maria Vitan
Greg Wright
Irene Alfaro
Jo Yeh
Kate Thomas
Jenessa Mae Kundinger
Monica Esquivel
Gino Pambianchi
Karina Rehrbehn
Kelly Smith
Iori Espiritu
Simini Blocker
Lynn Scurfield
Camille Chew
Jessica Roux
Victoria Ying
Ami Moore
Xuancheng Zhang
Amanda Ritchie
Ricardo Bessa
Angela An
Matt Rockefeller
Phoenix Chan
Vân Tran Monnier
Laura Brown
Nooree Kim
Luisa Rivera Nahrwold
Anika Starmer
Leonard Peng
David Curtis
John Charles Cox
Angela Taguiang
Stephanie Matos
Nate Mathews
Bridie Cheeseman
Emilie Tromp
Jenny Bookler
Lindsay Nohl
Francesca Buchko
Chris Hajny
Anissa Espinosa
Courtney Bernard
Roman Muradov
Sophia Foster-Dimino
Natalie Andrewson
Leslie Hung
Jenn Tran
Annie Stoll
Jon Marchione
David Velasco
Nneka Myers
Amanda Hagemann
Benjamin Lam
Monika Grubizna
Kristen Fritsch
Matt Wentworth
Julia Lavigne
Wendi Chen


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