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EDIT 10.21.13 : THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HELPED SPREAD THE WORD! We'll be announcing the winners of our giveaway momentarily! Stay tuned for some more great ROLEMODELS content on the blog!

We're hosting a pretty darn big GIVEAWAY in celebration of the ROLEMODELS exhibition and the release of the Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl card game inspired by the heroes, kingdoms and lore within!

We need your help spreading the word about this month's ROLEMODELS festivities - and finding out who your own role models are! And in exchange for your kind generosity, we'll reward you with riches beyond your wildest dreams!

ROLEMODELS Exhibition Opening Reception & the Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl Game
We'll be having the biggest, craziest party ever for the Rolemodels opening reception on Friday, October 25th! A celebration fit with Flagons of Mead, Costumes Galore, and Standard-Bearers for the four kingdoms of Vyk' Torhaahl! You can get your photo taken alongside the heroes and lands or learn to play the card game alongside your allies and foes! Come see the RPG alter-egos of our creative role models - along their stats, their allies - and get to know them through their choices of class, alignment, statistics and lore.

Make sure to get your costumes ready, as we'll be having costume contests throughout the night for more chances to win the Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl Card Game!

What better way to spend your Halloween weekend!

ROLEMODELS Reception & the Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl Card Game Release Party
7 - 10pm
118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis Minnesota 55404

Rolemodels: The Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl Card Game Preorder

The Prizes:
We are giving away 4 copies of the Battle for Vyk Tornaahl Card Game!

Submit your info in the comments section below by Sunday, October 20th!

1. In the comments section below, post your name, email and website (if you have one!) and you preferred RPG class!
2. List of 4 of your favorite creative role models! Tell us what class you think those artists would be! (Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Warrior, or Mage)

We will be creating some fun content based on your decisions!

3. Help us by sharing this blog post on twitter, tumblr, or otherwise with #LightGreyRoleModels and tell us where you shared it!


Lindsay Nohl (Paladin)

1. Jennifer Davis (Cleric)
2. Wes Burt (Ranger)
3. Dave Cooper (Mage)
4. Andres Guzman (Rogue)

Shared on Twitter @paperbicycle and Tumblr


...and then we'll do a drawing using a random number generator and announce the winners on Tuesday, October 22nd!

THE RULES and other stuff:

The decks will be shipped to our four winners free of charge! (The game and the shipping is on us!)

You are welcome to enter more than once : if you are interested in sharing more of your favorite artists, or care to share our post another day - but you can enter only once per day, and must share new creative role models, and re-post the blog entry. It will increase your odds of winning, but each person is only able to win once.

In the event that we have a winner that can not attend the workshop we will bestow the VIP seat upon the runner up.

Thanks for your help in telling us about your own role models & for assisting us in spreading the word of our biggest event of the year! You guys are amazing! Best of luck and please let us know if you have any questions!



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  2. Andy Krueger (Warrior)

    1. Campbell Whyte (Cleric)
    2. Richard Scarry (Ranger)
    3. Kate Beaton (Warrior)
    4. Sam Bosma (Mage)

    Shared on Twitter @stpaulcraft!

  3. Lauren Phair (Ranger)

    1. Adriana Ferguson (Warrior)
    2. K. Van Dam (Mage)
    3. Scott Lynch (Rogue)
    4. Kelley Armstrong (Cleric)

    1. Shared on twitter (didn't realize I'd forgotten. twitter is @automatonjelly)

  4. Rob Freeman (Cleric)

    1. Joe Abercrombie (Paladin)
    2. Karina R (Bard)
    3. mcbess (Dwarf)
    4. James Jean (Mage)

  5. Becca Knight (Rogue)

    1. Kevin Wada (Mage)
    2. Paul Pope (Rogue)
    3. Joao Raus (Cleric)
    4. Jake Wyatt (Warrior)

  6. Toby Allen (ranger)

    1. Cory Godbey (Paladin)
    2. Gris Grimly (Mage)
    3. Nicholas Kole (Ranger)
    4. Skottie Young (Rogue)

    Shared on Twitter @zestydoesthings

  7. Jimmy Malone (Mage)

    1. Keith Haring (Rogue)
    2. Wangechi Mutu (Cleric)
    3. Alexander McQueen (Warrior)
    4. Pablo Picasso (Paladin)

  8. Anthony Butler (Mage)

    1. Tamora Pierce (Paladin)
    2. Hayao Miyazaki (Cleric)
    3. Neil Gaiman (Rogue)
    4. Garth Nix (Warrior)

  9. Philip de Leon (Warrior)

    1. Yuko Ota (Paladin)
    2. Gigi D.G. (Mage)
    3. Tessa Stone (Rogue)
    4. Magnolia Porter (Warrior)

    Shared on tumblr!

  10. Karina Rehrbehn (Cleric)

    1. Don Lawrence (Cleric)
    2. Neil Gaiman (Mage)
    3. Diaz Canales (Ranger)
    4. Michael Kutsche (Paladin)

    Shared on Tumblr

  11. Kate Peterson (Druid)

    1. Karla Ortiz (Rogue)
    2. Daisuke Tsutsumi (Cleric)
    3. Hayao Miyazaki (Ranger)
    4. Alfonso CuarĂ³n (Mage)

    Shared on Facebook!

  12. Brett Bean (Clerical Elf)

    1. Tom Waits (Rogue)
    2. Joss Whedon (Ranger)
    3. Heinrich Kley (Mage)
    4. Jim Henson (Cleric)

  13. Tyler Parker (Summoner)

    1. Mary Blair (Cleric)
    2. Daniel Krall (Rogue)
    3. Kali Ciesemier (Paladin)
    4. Luke Pearson (Ranger)

    Shared on twitter @penguinsdawn

  14. Grace Parry (Rogue)

    1. Ashley Cope (Cleric)
    2. Dan Dos Santos (Mage)
    3. Paul Kidby (Paladin)
    4. Keith Thompson (Ranger)

    Shared on tumblr

  15. Shauna Foley (Magus)

    1. Noelle Stevenson (Warrior)
    2. Matt Kohr (Paladin)
    3. Brandon Sanderson (Mage)
    4. Andy Goldsworthy (Ranger)

    Shared on tumblr.

  16. Tracy (Paladin)

    1. Phobs (Mage)
    2. Brandon Sanderson (Ranger)
    3. Dan Dos Santos (Paladin)
    4. James Gurney (Cleric)

    Shared on Tumblr

  17. Evan George (Druid)

    1. Mike Mignola (Cleric)
    2. Lexxy Douglas (Mage)
    3. Tsutomu Nihei (Warrior)
    4. Julia Yellow (Rogue)

    Shared on twitter @animaspect

  18. Victor Maury (Paladin)

    1. Sergio Toppi (Mage)
    2. Moebius (Ranger)
    3. Phil Hale (Warrior)
    4. Karla Ortiz (Rogue)

    shared on twitter @VictorMaury_