Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Great Personality Artists Announced!


Huge thanks to everyone that joined us for the call for art!
We have a super ambitious show ahead of us!

Great Personality
An Exhibition about the science of allure, ambiance and attitude
Opens January 24th
and runs through February 21st

at Light Grey Art Lab
118 E 26th Street #101
Minneapolis Minnesota 55404

Not only will we be delving into the world of chemistry, comfort and chivalry, you'll see over 50 artists interpretations of their dream-characters and perfect places. In this incredibly interactive show, we'll introduce you to the characters in a way you've never seen us do before -- we are building a series of interactive visual novel/ dating sim games where you can walk the streets with our characters, go out and explore the town, and experience the people and places for yourself.

We're excited to spend the beginning of next year getting deep into the reasons why we long for the things (and people) we do, and what all goes on inside our brains. Stay tuned for lots of exciting information and quite the adventure!


Character Artists:
Kyle Cahill
Genevieve FT
Lynn Wang
Jimmy Malone
Sandra Brandstaetter
Angela An
Nichole Terhorst
Jez Tuya
Gloria Pezzilli
Amanda Lanzone
Alice Tse
Jen Mundy
German Shible
Stacey Lee
Matt Edwards
Alison George
Evyn Fong
Shanti Rittgers
Richie Pope
Anissa Espinosa
Celine Loup
Natalie Andrewson
Katherine Diemert
Mildred Louis
Xanthe Bouma
Noreen Rana
Angi Pauly
Allison Strom
Alex Bahena
Wendi Chen
Claire Hummel

Environment Artists:
Charlotte Mao
Manuel Kilger
Beth Zaiken
Evan Monteiro
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz
Caitlin Clarkson
Evan Palmer
Jenn Liv
Sarah Marino
Elise Hatheway
Kendra Phillips
Andrew Kolb
Bill Ferenc
Claire Mojher
Leonard Peng

Special Effects, Animation, Story and Programming:
Lindsay Nohl
Jenny Bookler
Francesca Buchko


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