Wednesday, December 4, 2013

6 Degrees! It's almost here! This FRIDAY 7 - 10pm

Madrid - by Victoria Fernandez
Madrid by Victoria Fernandez

HanakosBackyard by Angela An
Hanakos Backyard by Angela An

6 Degrees postcard by Irene Alfaro
"Untitled" by Irene Alfaro

We are so excited to unveil the work of our international 6 Degrees group of artists!

Join us for the opening reception of
6 Degrees
this Friday, December 6th
7 - 10pm!

Light Grey Art Lab
118 E 26th Street #101
Minneapolis MN 55406

The best part of seeing these all together is recognizing our similarities between the disparate places we come from. Of course, we always know there are actual people behind the work we view, but in some cases (like in the case of the 6 Degrees show) the artist shows you a little more about themselves than you thought you might normally see. The intimate moments they share are catalogued in an edition of 100 signed and numbered postcards and are displayed one-by-one alongside each other in the gallery this month.

The show started with the idea that we are all connected. The internet has made it easier to communicate, and we've been exposed to things that, several years ago, were unreachable. When we put out the call, we were looking for individuals willing to connect on several levels -- to share a piece of themselves (through the topic of their work as well as the physical postcard-format of the exhibition) with the rest of the artists involved, and to help perpetuate the sharing of each other's work -- and to introduce artwork into others' lives beyond our own small circles of friends and family.

You'll find all different types of print-making -- from letterpress, to screen-printing, to hand-embossing, and gorgeous paper choices, sizes and formats.
It's certainly an exciting collection to look at, as each of the choices have been dictated to reflect the creator and the places they come from.

There are a handful of each postcard available during the exhibition. (as the bulk of the signed and numbered prints will be distributed as a full-set to the contributing artists). But, if you are interested in participating, you are always welcome to choose a postcard for yourself, and send it to a friend, loved one, or someone special and help spread the word about the artwork we love, and the people behind the work.

All of the pieces can be found online here:
The remaining postcards are $6 each, and the artists are also offering large prints of their work here.

As we get closer to the holidays, we're certainly thinking about ways to give, and sharing the word about the artwork we love is definitely one of our favorite ways to do so.

The official FB invite can be found here!
We hope you can make it in person to see the nuances with your own eyes!


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