Monday, December 30, 2013

Podcast: Up To This Point

12.30.13_Up To This Point
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Up To This Point
Length: 01:02:41
Synopsis: On this week's podcast, we speak with new professionals (and current art-school students) Josh Olson, Jared Tuttle and Amanda Richie. All three have joined us for past Light Grey Art Lab exhibitions and have accomplished incredible things while still in school. We asked them some hard questions - what do they plan on doing in 2014, and how would a person work toward accomplishing something big (wether it be next year, or in a lifetime?). We were surprised by the answers. As we talk, Lindsay and Jenny have a chance to reflect and see how their vision of their future creative lives differ with people just starting out.

Show Notes:
Jared Tuttle - Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Amanda Ritchie - Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Josh Olson - Website - Tumblr - Twitter