Wednesday, January 8, 2014

In Place Artist Discussion and Book Signing!

Magers & Quinn Bookstore
January 19th from 2pm-4pm
Artist Talk and Discusison

This past year, we have had the honor of celebrating a group of incredible concept artists and illustrators through out In Place Art Book and Exhibition. In Place is filled with a collection of full-color illustrations of some of the most breathtaking, sacred, and interesting real-life places around the globe.


From the legendary mountain range in the Bavarian Forest to the Illuminated Caves in Japan, a bustling city center in Lisbon, Portugal to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, In Place takes you on a journey to some of the most exotic locations, the landscapes that inspire us to explore and move us to create - it is the places we yearn for and dream of.

In Place Sneak Peek
Kelly Smith

It is not just these magnificent views that make this project special, but all of the artists who made this project possible. January 19th from 2pm-4pm, we are hosting an artist talk and discussion at Magers & Quinn Bookstore. The Light Grey team will lead the discussion, sharing insight about the process, collection of artwork, and inspiration, as well as ask some of the participating artists about their experience in creating and understanding these places. We would love for you to attend and spread the word about this event!

Sam Bosma

You can see more information and invite friends and family on our Light Grey Events Page You can also see the listing for this event on the Magers & Quinn Calendar or facebook page.

Thanks and we hope to see you here!

Angela An

You can see the full list of participating artists and more about the In Place Book here on the Light Grey Shop.

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