Monday, February 3, 2014

Podcast: Creative Love - Part One

02.03.14_Creative Love - Part One
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Creative Love - Part One
Length: 01:00:31
Synopsis: This week's podcast is the first a series of interviews with creative couples. First, we talk with Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, two visual development artists from Disney Animation Studios who also run their own business, Extracurricular Activities. Then we talk with Llew Mejia and Alyssa Nassner, two product designers/illustrators/full-time hustlers. In both cases, these dynamic duos spend all their time living, working and creating side-by-side and we talk to them about how they work together, drive each other artistically, and how they deal with things like strange quirks and competitive tendencies.

Show Notes:
Extracurricular Activities
Victoria Ying: Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Mike Yamada: Website - Blog - Twitter

Alyssa Nassner: Website - Tumblr - Twitter
Llew Mejia - Website - Tumblr - Twitter

And there's still time to fill our our Dating Creative People Q&A!


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