Monday, April 21, 2014

Pangolin by Nick Blazey


Nick Blazey is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in Auckland, New Zealand. He graduated from Graphic Design at AUT in 2010 and now works at Periscope Design. Currently he shares a studio space with 4 other artists and has been working on developing his illustration style. Nick has been in a couple shows with us at Light Grey and we're excited to have him join us for this one! This FRIDAY we're hosting a big party for the animals in our lives through our upcoming Animystics Exhibition!

We'll be showcasing Nick's work alongside the work of over 100 artists. His illustration direction is hugely inspired by the environment and the natural world. This has stemmed from his childhood experiences of sailing and exploring the islands surrounding New Zealand’s east coast.

Come see his piece in person this FRIDAY from 7 - 10pm. See the details here!

Animal Name: Pangolin

Animal Type: Scaled mammal

Physical Attributes: The Pangolin has a human form with plate like scales made of keratin. He has a long tail to aid with balance and grip when climbing.

Mystical Attributes: The Pangolin is a manifestation of the forest. His body and mind is a fragment of the land, trees and animals. He is capable of leaping through the forest at unnatural speed and with stealth enabling him to remain unseen.

You can find prints of it (along with the original) on the Light Grey Art Shop!
A portion of all of the sales of his work will go to raising money for the Animal Humane Society!

See more of Nick's amazing work here on his site!


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