Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bi-Weekly Art Challenge- upcoming events!

Mark your calendars for the next several Bi-Weekly Art Challenges! Led by artists and designers, Jen Mundy and Tyler Bartel, Bi-weekly Challenge is a creative critique and discussion group that gets together to talk about artwork, share ideas, and develop a community.

Bi-Weekly Challenge is held every other week at Light Grey Art Lab from 1-4pm. This event is free and open to all. You can check out more details, the upcoming events and dates on the Bi-Weekly Facebook page or website here.

Bi-weekly challenge

Meet us Sunday, May 25th for the next Bi-Weekly Challenge. This week's theme is Emulating Style. If you have ever swooned over brush strokes, envied color choices, or wanted to try something new, this week's challenge is just for you. Led by Jen, Tyler, and guest speaker, Francesca Buchko.

"'Style' can be a touchy thing, but we’d like to approach the subject by asking you to choose an artist you really admire, and to try to incorporate a part of what you love about their style into a finished piece."

There are several more topics and challenges on the way! If you want to get a head start brainstorming you can check out calendar of events here:

May 25th: Emulating Style
June 8th: Limited Color Palette

(This week, we are meeting at Spyhouse on Nicollet)
June 22: Mythology

We hope to see you here!


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