Friday, May 30, 2014

The Omnibus Treasury Exhibition- Opening Tonight!

Stop by Light Grey Art Lab tonight for the opening reception of The Omnibus Treasury! This unique exhibition and artist boutique, features illustrations and designs by nearly thirty artists from around the world. These designs have been transformed from 2dimensional concepts, to wearable jewelry collections! Each of these tiny artworks ignites a sense of curiosity, awe, and personal identity- they are one-of-a kind statement pieces!

The Omnibus Treasury Collection by Meg Hunt

The reception is from 7-10pm. You can view all of the collections, read about the concepts behind the pieces, and meet some of the participating artists. The jewelry collections include Athena inspired memorabilia, terrariums, cameos, underwater creatures, KĂžbenhavn culture, and more!

Sneak Peek Collection by Jenessa Mae Kindinger

You can see all of the work for the Omnibus Treasury Exhibition on the permanent online gallery, support the project and artists on the Light Grey Shop, see the facebook event page, or see all of the documentation on the Light Grey Flick page.

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