Friday, June 27, 2014

STACKS- Opening August 1st!

Mark your calendars for Light Grey Art Lab's newest exhibition and project, STACKS, coming August 2014! We are honored to present this incredible and clever collection of artwork, limited edition zines, and handcrafted works!

STACKS Preview Preview of work by Barbara Dziadosz (Year 2002)

STACKS, invites you on a journey through time, as artists commemorate and revisit the past 30 years 1984-2014. This collection and visual timeline, celebrates the history, politics, pop culture, personal monuments, and childhood memories throughout these significant years and drastic decades.

STACKS Preview Preview of work by Julie Boehmer (Year 2007)

This project is made possible by the contributions of 60+ artists from around the world. Each of the artists have selected a year of focus, illustrating, printing, and creating limited edition zines based on an important topic from that year.

Some of the zine subjects include hairstyles from the 80s, teenager angst, the Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, personal anthologies, roaming the streets of New York City, romance stories, and more. Each zine is clever, humorous, and insightful look into the recent history and our experiences of the world.

STACKS Preview Preview of work by Ian Densford (Year 1998)

We invite you to celebrate this project, all of the artwork, and the memories of years past! You can find out more information and see all of the participating artists on the STACKS facebook event page here. You can also check out the STACKS webpage, and keep an eye out for previews on our blog and tumblr.


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