Thursday, July 24, 2014

Getting ready for Stacks! Pardon our mess!

STACKS Promo Images

So we're just a week and a half away from our really exciting August exhibition! We wanted to share some preview photos with you from some of the zines that have come in. One thing I'm really enjoying about the preparations from this show is the unique install that we've got going on.

Stacks Preperation

Stacks Preperation

When Jenny and I came back from ICON8, we had a massive stack of boxes waiting for us from all of the artists. Unwrapping each one was really exciting. Each artist has something really different. Paper choices, printing techniques, special features, items they've added -- the each of these are truly unique.

Becca helped get everything sorted and we are in the midst of listing everything on the shop, taking documentation photos, and preparing the STACKS documentation gallery on the Light Grey website.

Besides all that, we had a bit of an engineering challenge. Many of our shows have been relatively 2d, and with a book format, we wanted to consider the experience of reading, absorbing and displaying the work. So, with a bit of thought, we put together a shelving system that is going to be perfect. Our concept is to have the whole gallery be a physical timeline of the years between 1984 and 2014, so you could move throughout these space, seeing how time progresses -- from the point of view of the artist in each year.

Stacks Preperation
Right now Jenny is in the process of working on finishing and painting the shelves and we'll soon have them up on the walls.

We'll keep you posted with the updates as the exhibition gets closer including what the final "Stacks" look like, our process of shipping them all off, and some of the great documentation we're doing for the project.

Stacks Preperation

Thanks to all of the artists that have participated so far. This will be really great to see everything in on space and we're really looking forward to the exhibition.
More information about the STACKS show can be found on the Facebook event page here.

A Limited Edition Zine Exhibition
August 1st- September 5th

Opening Reception August 1
7 - 10pm
Light Grey Art Lab

118 E. 26th Street #101
Minneapolis MN 55406

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