Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stacks Preview

We are just TWO weeks away from the opening reception of STACKS: A limited exhibition zine exhibition and creative project! Coming August 1st, 2014, this unique show commemorates the past thirty years of memories, experiences, cultural phenomenas, and global changes! It is a celebration of our recent history and the moments that have shaped us all!

Rockefeller_PokéRoadtrip copy "The Poké Life", 1996, Preview by Matt Rockefeller

The show takes viewers on a journey through time, 1984-2014, seen through the eyes of sixty creatives. Topics include an illustrated story of the Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Back to the Future, Lost, hairdos of the 80s, wondering the streets of New York, bad decisions, childhood crushes, and more.

Willems_FreeReign1 "Free Reign", 2008, Preview by Jaime Willems

We are thrilled to present this project and all of the perfectly crafted pieces. Zines are made in a variety of formats with screen prints, foil covers, full color pages, fold outs, ink drawings, and more. The zines are limited edition and hand signed by the artists. There are only a couple of zines available! They will be here at Light Grey Art Lab and available on the online shop by August 1st.

huebner_phoneixlights3 "The Phoenix Lights", 1997, Preview by Ashley Huebner

Each of the contributing artists are given all of the zines from the exhibition. They are able to keep the entire timeline and collection as an opportunity for future collaboration, communication, and to enjoy our shared experiences.

BelletAdriana_ScarredForLife_EdwardScissorhands "Scarred for Life", 1990, Preview by Adriana Bellet

We hope you join us for this epic event and project! You can find more details about the opening reception on the Facebook Event Page here! There are more previews and details to come!


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