Friday, August 1, 2014

Stacks- Opening Tonight!

Join us tonight from 7-10pm for the opening reception and celebration of Stacks! We are thrilled to release the collection of 60+ zines that line the gallery walls. These zines commemorate the past thirty years of memories, experiences, culture, and politics: 1984-2014.

Stacks Preview Buffy 1997 Zine by Karina Rehrbehn, includes a cutout paper doll and stickers

You can see previews of all of the zines and purchase these limited edition work on the Light Grey Shop here! Each artist only has a couple zines available and are handmade, signed, and editioned. You can see the variety, techniques, and special extras here! You can also view all of the works on the Stacks permanent online gallery.

Stacks Preview 2013, New York Sketch Blog (By a Toronto Tourist) by Rosena Fung

You will be taken back in time, as you read the adventures of Totoro, the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Pokémon, and Jurassic Park. You will remember what it is like to be a teenager in New York City, growing up in the suburbs, or exploring your old neighborhood. This show is about the experiences, moments, and places that shaped who we are today- it is our recent history of the world!

Stacks Preview 2014, Look Closely, What do you see? by Lindsay Nohl. This zine includes a handmade, painted porcelain necklace.

You can find the entire collection on the online gallery and Light Grey Shop here.

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