Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Stacks Exhibition Closing + The Clearing Release Party

Stop by Light Grey Art Lab this Friday, September 5th from 7-10pm, for a two- part event and celebration! We are hosting a Stacks Closing Reception, as well as release party for a newly published comic, The Clearing.

Stacks Opening Reception Stacks Reception

Come flip through the nostalgic stories and handcrafted zines for the few days of the Stacks Exhibition. Stacks is a unique creative project and zine swap featuring the work of 60 artists. Each artist has created a limited edition set of zines commemorating the events, politics, pop culture, and personal memories that shaped the past thirty years. All of the works are available for purchase on the Light Grey Shop and documented on the permanent online gallery.

The Clearing Cover Preview by Francesca Buchko

The Clearing is a brand new comic book, Illustrated by Light Grey's own, Francesca Buchko, and written by Keith Grauman. It is a beautifully crafted and illustrated 16 page, black and white comic that takes place in old Minnesota Territory. You can find more information about the project and rsvp to the event on the facebook event page here.

We hope to see you here!


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