Monday, October 27, 2014

Podcast: Getting in the Mood

10.27.14_Getting in the Mood
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Getting in the Mood
Length: 00:45:50
Synopsis: Halloween is nearly upon us, and the Light Grey team are getting in the mood for fright! On this week's podcast, Lindsay, Jenny, Chris, and Francesca talk about what they do to get in the spooky spirit. That leads us to think about things we can do to set the mood for other occasions, like hunkering down for a productive work session, or getting in the mood to be outgoing and social when all you really want to do is sit in your pajamas and draw all night.

Show Notes:
Light Grey Game Night - Fright Night


  1. I really need to know more about the grave in Jenny's yard. That was so creepy! BTW, I love your podcast.

    1. Hey Sarah,

      We are excited to see what happens with the grave! We will give updates as soon as we can! Thanks for listening!

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