Saturday, November 29, 2014

Make My Holiday! Art Swap Sign-up!


EDIT: 12.7.14 -- Thanks guys! We are just sorting all the names and will email everyone with their partner's info shortly! Thanks again for signing up for our 3rd Make My Holiday art swap!

We're hosting the third annual Make My Holiday art swap!
This will be the third year we're hosting and we are SUPER excited to have you join us!

Just sign up in the comments section with your name and email and we'll pair you with another artist from around the world!
Like this:

Lindsay Nohl

Everyone is welcome to join in -- it's all about the love of art, other creative people, and just spreading the love around during the holidays!

Sign ups end December 6th, so tell your arty friends! We'll email everyone with their partner on December 7th! Then! All you have to do is send a note to your partner to request their home address and send them a piece of work made by you!

In the past people have sent prints, original paintings, zines, jewelry, ornaments, art-books, drawings and other fun things! There is no real limit to what you can send your partner, just a couple tiny rules for signing up!


1. Send a piece of work made by you!
2. Only sign up if you can promise not to leave your buddy hanging!
3. No need to make anything new -- but if you'd like to, feel free! In fact, it might be fun to do a little research on your partner and make them something special!

We hope you can join us in making the tail end of 2014 amazing!

Questions? Send us a note!!