Saturday, December 20, 2014

Great Personality: The Idealists Game is coming soon!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the second Great Personality Video Game coming the end January! Great Personality is a interactive dating game and visual novel based on the Myers- Briggs personality types. In this choose-your-own adventure style game, you will meet, befriend and fall in love with many characters, all while discovering the science behind ambiance, mood and attraction. It is a journey of romance, creativity, and surprise!

Great Personality Sneak Peek Character by Richie Pope

If you fell in love with the characters from the first Great Personality Game, the Guardians, you will certainly enjoy meeting all of the Idealists! They are fun-loving, optimistic, and complex individuals with deep emotional understanding and sense of self purpose. Discover the motives and passions of the idealists characters, all while finding your own hopes, desires, and connections in the process!

Great Personality Sneak Peek Character by Claire Hummel

Get to know these fascinating characters while immersed in artist-made world! All of the backgrounds, characters, and animations are part of a massive collaboration by 50+ animators, illustrators, and artists from around the globe. These individual assets and brought to life through the research, additional artwork, storyline, and coding of the Lindsay Nohl and the Light Grey Team.

**You can play the first Great Personality: The Guardians Game here! You can also support the project and find more information about the artists who made this possible on the Light Grey website here!


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